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Milosi, an elite landscaping company in Nashville, approached us for a graphic design project. However, we noticed a disconnect between the company's brand support and their core values and offerings. Thus, the project evolved into a complete brand overhaul. This is not our typical process for a rebrand, however, the value that was provided to our client was immense, and the rebrand led to an ongoing marketing relationship between Milosi and Nice Branding Agency.


Milosi is locally recognized for the way that they care about their team, their clients, and the service they provide. The owner of the company initially approached us with the need for a horticulture calendar and brochure; however once we started working on the graphic design projects, we uncovered the need for a complete rebrand to better position the company.

As we mentioned, this project didn’t follow the process we typically work within for a corporate rebrand. Instead, it started with a business that was seeking to solve a larger problem through one graphic design project. Through our expertise and experience, our team was able to guide the business into a rebrand that revolutionized the way that they are able to attract and retain clients, as opposed to relying on one single graphic project to achieve the goal they were truly striving for.


Icon System

As the initial request was to create clarity around our client’s offerings through the horticulture calendar and brochure, we started with strategy for user experience within those pieces that led to the development of an icon system. As we dug in, we discovered an inconsistency in the Milosi process overall. This contributed to a lack of understanding from the client side and the result was a loss in sales for Milosi. So, we nailed down the process for working with Milosi, and subsequently created a set of icons that would allow clients to easily identify their services.

This icon system would help viewers better understand the process of working with the Milosi team. Additionally, the icons worked to bring quick recognition to the services that Milosi provides, as well as the thoughtful, intentional process that would be implemented when working through a project.




Brochure + Horticulture Calendar

The icons we developed were used throughout the brochure. As we developed this piece, we were able to implement strategy and copywriting to streamline the information about both the services and the core values of the company. We then built a brochure with stacked inserts that were clearly labeled. There were 4 inserts and each insert described a step in the Milosi process. We create this type of modular printed piece in order to allow for our client to make additions or changes relatively easily. For example, one service can be added or changed by printing a new insert, without the need for a complete reprint of the entire brochure. In addition to the brochure, we developed a horticulture calendar that would allow customers to understand when certain Milosi services should be performed throughout the year, which ultimately serves as a sales piece for existing customers.


brand refresh



Graphic Design Project Turned Corporate Rebrand

As our team worked through the originally requested graphic design projects, we quickly uncovered a lack of authenticity and originality in their brand, which was contradictory to what was apparent in their values, people, and operations. In an effort to convey their true personality, we suggested a rebrand to elevate, originate, and add authenticity to their brand and brand support.

We presented the power of positioning to our client, and they agreed that a rebrand would be in their best interest. Our goal with the project was not to simply improve aesthetics. Rather, we sought to clarify their offerings and the manner in which they presented those offerings to current and potential clients.


Logo Refresh

It all started with the logo. During the development of the brochure, we uncovered the fact that the Milosi logo required a refresh. The existing logo was a disjointed design and it didn’t lend itself to a good reflection of the company’s services. The font was outdated and the icon wasn’t unique. Further, these pieces weren’t assembled in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing design.

We presented a refreshed logo, along with our case for why the refresh was required and how Milosi would benefit from a new logo. The refreshed logo incorporated the leaf icon from the original logo, as this element was extremely important to the owner and recognized by customers. The new logo was updated, clean, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.


brand refresh


Printed Collateral

As we worked on further developing the brand, we established various patterns, colors and textures that were representative of the ground, water and landscape. These elements were intertwined through multiple pieces, including a refreshed business card, letterhead, yard signs, and other miscellaneous supporting brand materials. The use of custom-crafted patterns brought a luxurious look and feel to the collateral, which aligns with Milosi’s elite approach and desire to attract high-end clients.





Promo Products and Apparel Design

In order to create brand awareness and to establish recognition within the community, it’s imperative that every element released on behalf of the company is aligned with the overall visual direction. So, we created branded promo products including pens, notepads, drawstring bags, and hand sanitizers. The team’s entire wardrobe was revamped to provide a level of professionalism that supported the new brand.


brand refresh



Vehicle Design

In addition, the entire fleet of vehicles was redesigned to include the new brand elements as well as the new logo. A transit van design was developed to showcase bold, eye-catching photography and graphics that would serve as a mobile advertisement for the company on a daily basis. The vehicles are a primary application for the brand, and are a major player in creating awareness.





Website Design and Development

An entire custom-built WordPress website was developed for the landscape company to clearly present the services that the company provides as well as the process that the client would undergo when they come aboard as a client of Milosi. The website flaunted project photography, a strong nod to the culture of Milosi, and a user-friendly design with calls to action that encouraged potential customers to review the pages and contact the company.

Our process for website design and development starts with wireframing. Here, we create a structure for the website, or a “blueprint” that allows us to map out where everything will exist on the website. Additionally, we identify what will exist in the header navigation and what will be moved into the footer. While this may seem like a simple task, it’s actually super-impactful. Determining what will live in your header navigation forces you to make some tough calls about what’s most important to your business.

Overall, Milosi wanted to present all their offerings to all the visitors which overwhelmed and confused the visitor. We were able to strategically categorize their offerings into core services and sub services which helps the visitor request the services that Milosi actually wants to be performing, opposed to smaller services that do not provide ideal profit margins.

Additionally, we provided stunning project imagery, paired with on-brand, descriptive copy to entice the viewer to engage with the website. Clearly placed calls to action were sprinkled strategically to capture the client as soon as they were wowed.

We then developed the custom-designed website on a WordPress platform, which would provide the benefits of customization, while not sacrificing the ability for the client to be able to continually update key content on their website. We design and develop from a user-first, mobile-first perspective. The website is fully responsive on various screen sizes and designed to provide just the information the user desired upon each scroll.

The impact of this website design and development project was far reaching. Aside from just improving the aesthetics of the Milosi website, we were able to really influence the structure of their organization and offerings. The restructure has helped them focus on what their ideal offerings are and has influenced their sales force dramatically.




Overall, this client was not looking for a brand refresh when they initially approached our firm, however they have been extremely pleased with the result. The refreshed brand provided them with a level of professionalism that gave them a leg up on their competition and aligned their customer-facing collateral with the quality of their services.

At the completion of the rebrand, Milosi engaged in an ongoing marketing relationship with Nice Branding Agency. Our team assembled an annual marketing plan and currently carries out all marketing initiatives, with associated monitoring, reporting, and adjusting.

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