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To align his brand, our client at Conner Exteriors & More contacted us for graphic design and strategy to showcase their services.

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Conner Aluminum was founded in 1979 in Lakeland, Florida, by Allen Conner. Over the course of the business, Conner Aluminum had blown through multiple logos and business names, swaying to and fro dependent on the facet of business that was at the forefront of service at the time. The root of this thinking came from the goal to show specialty in one area; however, through this brand presentation, other services that were also strong were not recognized by customers or potential clients. Through this mindset, Conner Aluminum lost brand awareness, brand recognition, potential work, and revenue. Mr. Conner knew it was time to call in the experts at Nice Branding Agency, a Lakeland logo design and strategy firm.


After going through an in-depth initial session conducted by Nice Branding Agency, to learn the goals, operations, and history of the company, Nice Branding Agency was able to establish a plan for a brand that would allow for various services to be recognized alongside the name, but the various services would not dictate the name of the company. Additionally, this would present the three main divisions of the company without having to communicate a mouthful of words on each advertisement or sales presentation. Each customer or potential client who came in contact with the brand would clearly be able to understand the services offered by Conner Aluminum.

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Lakeland Logo Design

Moving forward, Conner Aluminum would be Conner. For the logo, the name Conner would pair with defined industry segments such as Windows and Doors, Exteriors, and Enclosures. The logo icon created showcases a circle being cut into a “C” by three pie-shaped pieces, each with different colors, representing each specialty of service. These colors would be carried through each division consistently in an effort to “color code” the divisions of the company. The icon was paired with a strong logotype “Conner” which can stand alone, or be accompanied by one, two, or three industry segments, bringing the available services to attention no matter what service was being highlighted on the advertisement or sales presentation.

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Tagline Development

Another challenge was to highlight the historical value of the business. Multiple companies in the area have shown up with some variation of Conner. Whether they be a window company, a home improvement company, or a construction company, they have been confused with Conner. For this reason, the taglines “Conner. The First. The Best. The Original,” and “Conner Since 1979” were devised and would appear with the brand in various instances.

Brand Collateral

After initial branding, such as the logo, business card, envelope, and stationery were completed, other items for the brand launch were developed. Nice Branding Agency guided Conner through every aspect of the business that needed to be branded, from the vehicle graphics to the invoices, to existing ads, signage, attire, and more. Within one month, the new brand was launched with an email blast, press release, letter to existing clients, announcement rack card, social media graphics, and website pop-up to make sure the rebrand was clear to current clients and those who came into contact with the new brand.

Additionally, Nice Branding Agency worked to develop advertising verbiage that spoke from the brand voice and created fresh advertisements for use in various publications that highlighted each service separately. Through the use of the new logo, all divisions would be clear on each division showcase advertisement, leaving no service in the dark.

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The next phase of the project was ongoing marketing services. With the initial research conducted, Nice Branding was able to strategically craft a 12-month marketing plan, outlining all marketing objectives, channels, and costs.

In the upcoming year, Nice Branding Agency will be working to bring the brand into the website as well as carry out all marketing tasks.

Conner works with Nice Branding Agency on an ongoing basis for brand support and marketing services.

For more information on a brand redesign or Lakeland logo design from Nice Branding Agency, please contact us today.

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