Amy Dennis

CEO | Creative Director

From Florida to New York to Nashville, Amy brought her natural design eye first to magazines then to marketing and landed firmly on strategic branding work. She’s creative in ways that are hard to define and possesses an inherent ability to understand business objectives across multiple industries. Leading her team with a unique skill set, she directs creative resources + strategic marketing solutions that result in unified brand experiences that change industries and foster meaningful relationships with users to increase revenue. She’s relentless, persistent, and most certainly has one of the strangest addictions to the details you’ll ever find in a creative.

Andy Dennis

Owner | CFO

With roots in Project Management for large scale commercial construction firms, Andy heads up all billing and accounting related to-dos at Nice Branding Agency. Andy facilitates and executes all contractual and legal documents at the onset of your projects, and he will personally guarantee that you will be billed for the work of the agency.

Sonya Baldwin

Director of Design

Sonya Baldwin is our Director of Design, responsible for the quality of the design work produced by our agency. As an integral part of our strategic projects, she leads branding projects and oversees all of the graphic design work of the agency. No matter what time of day, you can find her sipping a cold brew and clicking away.

Samantha Bamaca

Director of Strategic Content

Samantha is the Director of Strategic Content and chief content creator at Nice Branding Agency. She is an integral part of on-boarding new clients and plays a key role in client relations. Samantha directs the implementation of narratives and key messaging across platforms to engage viewers and generate results, ensuring agency work translates well to our clients’ consumers.

Now Hiring

Graphic Designer Now Hiring

Nice Branding Agency is on the hunt for a graphic designer. We are hiring a brand designer who is stellar at logo design, website design, and general graphic design. Could you be our next Nice Human? Read on to learn more about the position and if you would like to be considered, shoot us your resume and portfolio to

Kacey Passmore

Project Manager

With a background in project management and graphic design, Kacey brings a killer combo to our team as our queen bee project manager. Her care for clients and high-level strategic perspective assures accuracy, growth, and results on each and every agency project.

Brooke Reynolds


Mary Scarlett LeBerge


Heather Hern

Communications Assistant

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