Graphic Design

Good graphic design is hard to find. Creating purposeful pieces that are compelling, yet concise, requires a certain skill set that just can't be taught. Graphic design requires strategic thinking, the kind of creativity that you're either born with or you're not, and a strong command of design programs. We pair these traits with solid project management to ensure that your projects are completed well and completed on-time.

Logo Design

Your logo brings the vision of your business to life, and acts as a physical representation of your ingenuity and hard work. Creating a logo requires more than just pairing fonts or developing an icon. Our graphic design team will dig deep into your business, identifying your target market and creating a design that will resonate with your current and potential customers. Our logo development package includes the creation of several options, along with multiple file formats and a guide for font and color usage on your chosen option

Business Card Design

An eye-catching business card can truly set you apart from your competition. The minute it gets into the hands of business contacts or potential clients, it conveys a message about the quality of your services. We create compelling and creative business cards that have more than half a chance at escaping the recycle bin and will most certainly make the sort of impact that’s not easily forgotten.

Corporate Stationery

A professional stationery suite will provide you with the tools you need to facilitate day-to-day business and to network like a ninja, all while keeping your brand intact and setting you apart from your competition. Our stationery package typically equips you with an eye-catching business card, an interesting letterhead with envelope, and a noteworthy message card.

Print ads can still be a powerful medium for getting your message across, all while building valuable brand awareness. In these days of viral videos, it’s easy to overlook the art of print ads, but make no mistake, having your well-designed, eye-catching ad splashed across the glossy pages of a magazine definitely makes an impact. Using print ads to drive traffic online provides a way to measure the impact of your print advertising and increase your ROI.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, bus benches, transit advertising, oh my! Navigating the world of outdoor ads is our forte, and we can help you identify the right opportunities for your brand, while using expert graphic design to create an image that will turn the heads of those passing by. Implementing call tracking numbers and custom urls allow us to track effectiveness of outdoor advertising initiatives for maximum effectiveness.

Brochure Design

Whether it’s a multipage brochure or a simple one-sheeter, your sales collateral needs to be informative, yet concise. Your brochure design needs to align with the established brand personality and must present your products or services in the most simplistic, yet compelling, manner possible. Professional graphic design paired with strategic thinking and expert copywriting allow you to increase sales quickly, helping your potential customers understand what you do and how you do it better than anyone else in your industry.

Direct Mail Graphic Design

Dropping your ad directly into the mailboxes of targeted potential customers can be a powerful tool for announcing a special or promotion, or simply getting the word out about your business. We can provide the ideal mail routes, bold graphic design, compelling copywriting, and a strategy for tracking results so that you know your promotions are really driven home.

Promotional Items

If done right, promo products can make a big impact. We don’t just emblazon your logo on a bunch of pens and turn them loose. We do the research to find a product that aligns well with your brand, whether that be pens, balloons, notepads, notebooks, stress balls, backpacks, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, or something else. We create a strategy for your promo products that differentiates you from your competitors while capturing the attention of your potential customers. Bet you didn’t know that even promo products require strategic planning!

Vehicle Graphic Design

Your vehicle is essentially free, mobile advertising space with a reach as far as you can drive. If you’re using a vehicle to conduct business on a daily basis, then covering it with professional graphic design that speaks to current and potential customers is a no-brainer. Our experts are able to create a vehicle design that heightens your brand awareness and calls customers to action before the light turns green.

Packaging Design

Each piece of packaging that leaves the walls of your store is a walking extension of your brand out into the world. Your packaging must align with your brand image and voice, while showcasing your product well and incorporating just enough creativity to entice a shopper to take a second look.

Presentation Design

Conducting your presentation is hard enough. Preparing the presentation should be left up to the pros. We will utilize our exceptional graphic design skills to create a presentation that is professional in appearance and in alignment with your brand image. Copywriting services are also available, if you’d like us to do your job for you!

Environmental Graphic Design

We will breathe well-branded life into your space through interior design, wayfinding, communication, signage, and overall visual appearance. We’ll create an environment that enhances brand awareness, creates cohesion, and makes an impact on customers and potential clients. During the environmental branding phase of a project, we will provide you with a concept and design. We will also provide graphic design to support the look and feel that we’ve created for you, as well as sources for materials. When you’re ready to build, renovate, or redecorate your space, we will work with you or your architect to ensure that the vision is carried out, just as we imagined.

Trade-Show Graphics

When you’ve invested in participating in a trade show, it’s important to maximize your investment by representing your brand well. We can equip your team with a sales strategy, booth design, banner stands, promotional backdrops, promo products, and promotional materials to help you stand out in the crowd.

T-shirt Design

Employee apparel is an often overlooked opportunity to expand the reach of your brand through brand voice or superb graphic design. Keeping t-shirts and other apparel in line with your brand image makes a huge impact on the customer’s perception of your brand, and designing a custom shirt for your company is no sweat off our backs.

Corporate Events

Regardless of the size or purpose of the function, our role is to ensure that a client’s event happens effortlessly, without undue stress, and exposes your brand wherever opportunities exist. We handle the myriad of details and the logistics of planning an event that fits within your budget and at a venue that best meets your needs. Nice will coordinate the setup, function activities, and post-event follow-up at the selected event location. We want to make your event a success that stays on the minds of its attendees and leaves them wanting more! But — we don’t do weddings.


Our services often overlap, and we might be able to best serve you when we can work with you across multiple service categories. Be sure to explore all of our service pages to see how we can help grow your business.

Visit our portfolio to view our previous graphic design work.

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