Without these three foundational elements firmly in place, there is no way to assure that your brand support or marketing materials will align with one another, and ultimately create a brand that is recognizable.



Brand Positioning is truly the most foundational part of your brand. Your unique position in the market, and the statement to encompass this position, will support everything you do. Your positioning statement should be presented in a very concise manner and is often referred to as a tagline or a mission statement.

A true positioning statement is used internally to help guide your business efforts.  It will convey who the company is, what value it provides, and to whom.

Positioning is how you distinguish yourself from your closest competition. What’s your advantage? How do you talk about what you do differently than what they do?

Through consultative research, we will uncover who your target market really is, determine what niche you serve within the marketplace, outline the benefits or points of difference between you and your competitors, and highlight the reasons one should believe in what you have to offer.

We will then craft one true positioning statement about your company that can be utilized as a filter for all branding initiatives to come.


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A comprehensive, yet concise list of company attributes will aid in summarizing who you are as an organization. These attributes will provide anyone who communicates on behalf of your company with a guide for keeping communication in line with the overall brand.



A visual direction will provide you with a foundation for developing creative elements that will ultimately be absorbed by the public.

Our process for brand direction is a solution in visual format that provides clarity through the entire brand development process. It’s an advantage that allows concept development to be confirmed before brand elements are developed. The process provides a natural way for you to have a say in the direction of your brand, and the result is a visual roadmap that provides a clear insight for the look and feel of the brand.

Along with a list of brand attributes, Nice Branding Agency will present to you three options for visual brand direction, paired with supporting narratives and positioning statements.

You will select one of the presented concepts, and we will finalize the visual brand direction, attributes and positioning statement for final use.


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A brand cannot be built, but instead, a brand consists of the perception that people form about your organization based on all that they have experienced related to your business.

In order to ensure that you are creating a consistent experience, and one that aligns with who you are as a company, it’s imperative that all elements pass through the same filter before being released for consumption and classification.

All brand materials must be framed through the lens of your company’s positioning statement, attributes, and visual brand direction.

Without these three foundational elements firmly in place, there is no way to assure that your brand support or marketing materials will align with one another, and ultimately create a brand that is recognizable.

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We create bold business brands that demand attention and equip our clients to conquer their market. Through a combination of high-level strategy, powerfully crafted creative, and associated narratives, our team produces brands for businesses that simply cannot be ignored.



We develop authentic restaurant brands that resonate with consumers. Our restaurant branding process uncovers the heart of the brand, defines its essence, and then strategically weaves the brand through all customer touch points to create an unforgettable connection with the consumer.



We create brand support that makes a bold statement and continues to build your brand. Our crew puts strategy on par with art, so that our designs meet your business objectives. Whether it’s a single project, or ongoing support, you can count on us to do what we say we are going to do 100% of the time, on-time.

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