Our brand support team supplies internal marketing departments, design departments, business owners, and marketing directors with brand support through strategic thinking, exceptional graphic design, and compelling content that’s turned on a dime. In choosing to work with Nice Branding Agency, you’re guaranteed that the brand support created will continue to build the brand instead of dismantling it.

We work with our clients on a project or ongoing basis to deliver creative that exceeds expectations. We take a strategic approach at every start, and assign a dedicated project manager to serve as a single point of contact throughout. When you work with our team, your project is automatically empowered with the knowledge and skill of our interdisciplinary team of strategists, designers, writers, and web designers and developers, all directly accessed via your own project manager.

As a branding agency, we’re committed to making every project we touch on your behalf a success for you. And as Nice Humans, we act as an efficient extension of your team, determined to ensure that the process is seamless for you as you engage with us to create brand support of many types.

Project-Based Brand Support

Our graphic design team creates brand support that makes a bold statement and aligns with business objectives. Our project-based work includes, but is not limited to strategy, graphic design, web design and development, copywriting, digital and social media design, attire design, vehicle design, advertising design, and more.

Purchase Hour Packs in our online shop and our team will reach out to get your project started.

Let's Get Started

$1,450 ($145/hr)

$2,800 ($140/hr)

$4,050 ($135/hr)

$5,200 ($130/hr)

Ongoing Brand Support

For businesses that employ an in-house department of marketers or graphic designers, our graphic design team supplements with brand support that ends up in your inbox quickly, and without error. We’ve already put the project through multiple rounds of proofing on our end, so you can expect for it to need minimal revisions directed by you.

And for organizations that have a need for consistent brand support on a regular basis, but lack the resources to hire, train, and maintain an internal team, the Nice Branding Agency team acts as a creative department, strategizing, copywriting, and designing collateral to support business objectives.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to graphic design, web design and development, copywriting, digital and social media design, attire design, vehicle design, advertising design, and more.

Let's Get Started

$2,600 per month ($130/hr)

$3,750 per month ($125/hr)

$4,800 per month ($120/hr)

Brand Support PackagesBrand Support Packages

Hour Packs

One of our most versatile offerings, Brand Support Packages (Hour Packs) can be used for content creation, graphic design, marketing materials, vehicle design, and more—the sky’s the limit! We offer 5, 10, 15 or custom Brand Support Hour Packs to suit projects of all sizes.

Foundational BrandingFoundational Branding


A discovery session will be hosted to dive into who you are as an organization. We will then deliver a positioning statement, persuasive paragraph, brand attributes, and visual brand direction. These elements will serve as the foundation upon which your brand will be built.

Professional Designed Social Media PostsProfessional Designed Social Media Posts

Professional Designed
Social Media Posts

Your strategy on social media should prioritize building your brand through consistently-published, professionally-designed, on-brand social media posts. Explore how we assist our clients on social from a visual and verbal perspective through content creation and management.

Branded Promo ProductsBranded Promo Products

Promo Products

Nice brands deserve to be shown off on nice products. Extend the reach of your brand and generate interest in your business with uniquely curated and expertly designed branded products. Products are selected and designed with the brand in mind.