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The Imperial Symphony Orchestra in Lakeland, Florida has evolved over the last 50 years into a highly polished, regional orchestra that needs ongoing graphic design support to showcase their incredible programs.

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The Imperial Symphony Orchestra contracts Nice Branding Agency, a top graphic design company, to provide ongoing support through graphic design for brochures, programs, posters and event collateral.

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra in Lakeland, Florida has evolved over the last 50 years into a highly polished, regional orchestra. Their concerts in Polk County contribute greatly to the culture of Lakeland by bringing to life high quality, live classical music performances.

Season Brochure

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra has been a client of ours for several years, during which time we have gotten to work with the ISO to develop their season brochures as well as coordinate printed and digital collateral for their concerts.

Most recently, we completed the 2017 season brochure, featuring a custom watercolor graphic element that brings movement and dimension of the piece, indicative of the flowing sounds of the orchestra. Inside the 6” x 9” brochure, the concerts are laid out in a manner that promotes an optimal user experience. By dividing each series that the ISO offers into its own section, the brochure visually explains their concerts and targets each intended demographic.

The season brochure provides pertinent details on each concert throughout the season, including the name of the concert along with its time, location, and headshots of key musicians in the orchestra.

A key piece of the brochure is the information we included on membership with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra and a call to action to join the ISO.

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Concert Programs

Each year, we are tasked with creating concert programs, called Sinfonia, for each concert within the season. The Sinfonias take on a magazine-type layout and include sponsorship information, thank you mentions for current sponsors, a letter from the director, the concert program, and advertisements from key supporters.

For the 2016-2017 season, each Simfonia took on the branding of the season brochure, but was customized for each concert.

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Concert Posters

In addition to Sinfonia programs, we also created posters that serve as marketing materials to inform the community and to garner excitement about the upcoming concerts.

The final posters are displayed throughout Lakeland, and the increase brand awareness for the Imperial Symphony Orchestra county-wide. These modern posters are a cooler spin off of your typical event poster, a nod to the modern culture of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra.

The majority of the posters each season take on the branding of the season brochure. However, there are a couple of exceptions. Each year for the family-oriented concerts, the Cookie Concert and the Fossils Concert, we create a custom design based on the concert’s theme.

For example, in 2016, the theme for the Cookie Concert was Peter and the Wolf. Our team created a custom poster design that incorporated a famous scene from the story, including an illustration of Peter and the Wolf, to draw in families to the event.

Like the brochures, each poster includes pertinent concert information, such as the name of the concert, key musicians, the date, time, location of the event, and ticket information.

From these posters, we then create a number of breakout graphics that include social media graphics, print ads, email graphics, postcards, and more.

The Imperial Symphony Orchestra in Lakeland is so unique for how accessible they have made the orchestra experience. The Masterworks concerts, family events and mashup concerts with an orchestral spin on modern bands make the orchestra into an approachable and fun event. Working with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra has given us at Nice Branding Agency, a top graphic design company, the chance to work on some really cool pieces that tangibly help to further get the orchestra out into the community of Polk county.

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