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Nice Branding Agency started the restaurant interior design project for Franklin Juice Co. by doing some in-depth creative brainstorming and strategizing to pull together a personality and overall style for the brand.

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Nice Branding Agency started the restaurant interior design project for the Nashville juice bar company by doing some in-depth creative brainstorming and strategizing to pull together a personality and overall style for the brand. By combining images, fonts, styles, and colors, Nice Branding Agency was able to communicate the direction of the brand with the client and establish an overarching style for the brand image moving forward that could ultimately fuel all of the juice brands’ visual needs.

After the strategy for visual direction was outlined, Nice Branding Agency set out to establish a stronger logo and identity system for the juice bar brand. The existing logo was created by a freelance designer, and the iconic symbol was highly creative and well-liked by the brand. Nice Branding Agency worked to clean up the existing icon and combine the juice bar icon with new fonts to provide a bolder, more gravitating logo type.

An additional vintage-style script font was added to tie the vintage-style food truck into the brand. Nice Branding Agency also created varying layouts for the identity system to support its need for use on multiple mediums. At the completion, identity guidelines and logo files were provided to the client for ongoing reference and use.

Basic business needs were addressed next. Nice Branding Agency provided ideas for an overall #JuiceHead hashtag and attitude to lead the brand to escalated user engagement. A photoshoot was set up to provide imagery to support the mentality. These images then became the photographic representation of the juice brand and were used throughout the interior of the store, on social media, and for the creation of unique business cards.

The hashtag remains a staple in the brand on multiple platforms and marketing materials.

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Restaurant Interior Design & Interior Branding

After a strong plan of identity, color, photography, and typography was set in place, Nice Branding set their eyes on the visual appeal and user experience that would ultimately win brand ambassadors and repeat visits in-store. During the restaurant interior design & interior branding process, Nice Branding Agency dissected and developed the entire user experience. The brand was infused into every customer touchpoint within the space. Everything from seating to signage to interior colors to visual design and photography was directed and outlined by Nice Branding Agency in an easy-to-follow presentation. The brand then used this as a guide to implement throughout the space as business increased and budget allowed.

Food Truck Design

Franklin Juice Co. started off strong with an incredible vintage food truck. The colors complemented the brand colors, and the style of the truck was about as easy to work with as butter. Nice Branding was able to create graphics to support the style of the truck while showcasing the brand name and product. The brand icon and slogan, as well as the typographic logo and icon pattern, were added as cut-vinyl to the truck to allow maximum brand exposure and gain attraction while on the go.

restaurant vehicle design
restaurant vehicle design
restaurant vehicle design

Tagline Development

During the development of the juice truck design, Nice Branding Agency also developed the brand tagline of “Keep Pressing On.” The brand tagline encompassed the healthy ingredients and energy that were found in the product, the ever-compelling pressing component that went into making the product, and the action undergone by the delivery of the product in the food truck. The brand tagline quickly became a client and customer favorite and is used throughout the brand presence.

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Graphic Design

The last part of the branding process was the development of multiple pieces that were needed to support the brand. The in-store menu, product labels, window graphics, business cards and signage details were developed by Nice Branding Agency. Nice Branding designed a menu for Franklin Juice Co. to clearly display their various products and pricing. New labels were developed for each of the juices. An infographic was created and installed on the interior window, which shed light into the juicing area that explained and illustrated the intricate process of product creation for Franklin Juice Co.

Menu Design

The Franklin Juice Co. menus we designed are simple and impactful, using the brand orange and strong dividing lines to section out the menu items. The final menu design is small and handheld, printed on luxe silk stock. They live on on-brand clipboards that bring out the coastal feel of the brand.


restaurant menu design
restaurant menu design | franklin juice co

Business Cards

The business cards we created showcased the fun and fruity photography we had taken in half a dozen unique designs. The bold images call out the Franklin Juice social accounts on one side, and the other side hosts key contact information: the name, number and email of the employee. On-brand orange details keep the focus on the phone number and encourage card holders to call.

restaurant business cards

Franklin Juice Co. did, and still does, work within budget limitations, as many small, growing restaurants do. Nice Branding Agency has been grateful to help the brand establish a strong direction and provide creative support to the brand as needs arise and budget allows. With the initial creative direction provided by Nice Branding AgencyFranklin Juice Co. has been able to stay on a clear track from a visual standpoint as the brand has grown.

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