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The place you trust for the pets you love.

Petsense’s motto nicely sums up its mission to connect people to their pets by stocking healthy and affordable supplies and staffing stores with friendly, pet-loving people.

Acquired by Tractor Supply Company in 2016, Petsense is a small-box retailer that provides specialty pet products and services in small and mid-sized communities across the country.

With over 175 locations, Petsense stores carry brands such as Stella & Chewy, Diamond, Hill’s Science Diet, Victor, Zignature, KONG, and an exclusive brand pet food, True Source.

For Petsense, our pet retail marketing agency handles strategy, design, and copywriting for a suite of ongoing brand support and marketing needs that typically includes weekly ads, promotional emails, social media, advertising, website design, in-store signage, coupons, and more.

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Pet Retail Marketing Systems

When we came aboard, we started with Foundational Branding to get a grip on positioning, brand attributes, and visual direction.

As the marketing agency partner for Petsense, we work on a myriad of projects across the brand. However, to support ongoing marketing efforts while protecting and growing the pet retail brand, we apply a systematic approach to strategy and design.

We work alongside internal marketing directors to move the needle by strategically and consistently deploying brand support across marketing channels to drive awareness and sales.

Brand support is more than graphic design. Effective brand support requires attention to branding best practices, marketing strategy, graphic design, copywriting, and marketing operations. We are meticulous about both design details and deadlines. And our creative prowess, paired with a process that ensures consistent results, is a winning combo for our clients.

Some of our ongoing brand support for Petsense includes a circular marketing system, a community marketing toolkit, and a sales toolkit.

Circular Marketing System

Creating and deploying a sales flyer is a significant undertaking for a retailer. While the internal marketing department works to finalize offer details, the creative team is responsible for assembling the information into a brand-aligned and compelling design.

We agree that getting messaging into the mailboxes of customers and potential customers is still a relevant endeavor. However, our recommendation is to take a strategic and efficient approach to ensure that the message is received. Thus, we implement the sales flyer graphics into digital assets to enhance reach and conversions.

For Petsense, the circular marketing system includes a sales flyer that goes out via snail mail. The advertisement is supported with corresponding emails, social posts, social ads, and website graphics.

Sales Flyer Design

Petsense reaches its network of community-based, local customers with a sales flyer touting top products and deals. The sales flyer, or circular, is dropped on doorsteps to compete with a mountain of other mail.

Our challenge has been to create a circular design that stands out in the stack while conveying key messaging and offers in a manner that makes people want to shop the deals.

As a branding agency, conversion isn’t our only goal.

We also build the brand through every customer touchpoint, including traditional advertising channels. The circular design for Petsense puts the brand on display through bold floods of brand colors, imagery that shows people connecting with their pets, and fonts that introduce an approachable, community feel.

Messaging is light and fun to align with the staff’s friendly nature and the neighborly brand personality.

The development of a sales flyer requires design layout expertise and an eye for branding. Since it’s a printed piece, project management surrounding deadlines is especially crucial. Finally, creating a consistent campaign from an anchor asset like a sales flyer provides marketing directors with more bang for the buck, increases reach, and favorably impacts the bottom line.

We pair a super-systematic approach to marketing operations with exceptional design skills. By partnering with Nice Branding Agency, solo marketing directors, or pint-sized marketing teams can pull off large-scale professional marketing campaigns on the regular.


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Pet Retail Marketing: Email Design

Once Petsense approves the circular design, we develop supporting digital assets. We create two emails, 12 social posts, social ads, and website graphics to ensure that the message is conveyed consistently across channels.

This process happens seamlessly. The anchor piece is approved first. So, revisions required by the marketing director on the digital marketing assets are minor, if any at all.

We understand the challenges that a marketing director faces. Our process for strategy, design, copywriting, and feedback prioritizes listening to understand challenges. Thus, we can deliver top-quality work the first time and quickly turn around revisions to meet deadlines.

The digital version of the sales flyer that goes out via email calls out particular products and drives the customer to visit the website to sniff out the deals. In addition to an impactful call-to-action, we also include links to local locations and grooming services, or other advantages the brand offers. The locations button tends to get the most action, which means that customers are compelled enough to want to step into a store to shop—that’s a win!

Both email designs for Petsense include product shots on bright brand colors and straightforward messaging that speaks directly to the deals. The imagery of happy, healthy pets makes the graphics scroll-stopping and instantly connects with the audience.

We schedule the emails directly in the client’s email marketing provider, and our team pulls analytics regularly to ensure that open rates and click rates are within a valuable range.

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Social Media Design and Social Ad Design

To further support the circular marketing system, we create 12 social posts to promote current offers.

Social media design for this pet retailer also harnesses the power of the brand’s personality, including bright, bold colors, friendly messaging, and connective images of pets and their people.

In creating social media brand support, one goal is to communicate in a manner that makes the consistency necessary to build brand awareness.

The other goal is to drive engagement around social media posts. For a retailer like Petsense, we want the audience to connect with the brand, identifying the store as their local, community resource for pet supplies.

Additionally, we want to promote e-commerce transactions and store location searches. Organic social media posts are supported by social ads designed to drive traffic to the Petsense website.

You’ll notice that throughout the brand support for Petsense, we’ve created campaigns that translate the same imagery and messaging to multiple platforms: sales flyer, email, social posts, Instagram stories, social ads and more.

The consistency is intentional.

You may have heard of the old marketing adage, The Rule of Seven. This “rule” states that a potential customer has to see a message seven times before buying. Whether it takes seven views or more than that, we make it our mission to get the message in front of a buyer several times. This approach develops a drumbeat of information that permeates the subconscious and eventually entices action.

A strategic and consistent approach to marketing that keeps branding at the forefront is vital.

At Nice Branding Agency, we are intently committed to preserving the impact of a brand while driving marketing efforts and analyzing results. Additionally, our design-led organizational structure means that our clients can expect flawless creative to support campaigns.

A bold brand can be quickly diminished upon the deployment of marketing efforts if not relentlessly guarded. As a marketing director, it is your duty to forge an agency relationship that will protect your investment in your brand.

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Pet Retail Marketing: Website Graphics

To provide Petsense with a web presence that aligns with the brand while keeping messaging current, we supply website graphics showcasing the circular offers.

Nice Branding Agency is a full-service design firm. We provide web design and web development in-house, allowing us to activate website sales pages as needed to support our strategies. Our agency structure is invaluable to a corporate marketing director. By handling all elements of a campaign, we eliminate the need for a marketing director to have to juggle various agencies or freelancers.

For Petsense, each website design showcases the retailers’ offerings and demonstrates just how much the company is committed to connecting with people and pets. Powerfully connective imagery of happy, healthy pets draws the eye, while bold, brand-aligned messaging conveys offer info.

At every scroll, the website design nudges the viewer to take action. Depending on the user’s preferences and place in the sales funnel, this action may be to learn more, make a purchase, or find a location.


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Community Marketing Toolkits

For a national retailer like Petsense, community marketing campaigns present opportunities for further connection.

Ensuring that the strategy, design, and copywriting for a seasonal campaign doesn’t depart from brand standards is of utmost importance. It’s tempting to use a holiday or special promotion to “try something new” or “think outside the box.”

And while it’s possible to bring new energy to a campaign with a limited run time, it is still imperative to align the entire endeavor with the brand’s positioning, attributes, and visual direction.

For Petsense, we created Community Marketing Toolkits. The toolkits allow local store operators to order professionally-designed, branded marketing assets for their promotions or events. The toolkits include a poster, a bag stuffer, social posts, and stories.

The art shown here represents more than a bulldog in bunny ears.

The Easter Photos campaign for Petsense is just one of many Community Marketing Toolkits that we’ve developed for the retailer.

Petsense store operators can order customized Community Marketing Toolkits to promote local store events. Consistent, brand-aligned design + local store details = a win-win for the brand and its local store operators.

Every element takes on the look and feel of the overall campaign while remaining within the bounds of the Petsense brand.

As a branding agency, we know exactly how to leverage the brand to create effective marketing materials. Corporate marketing directors rely on our team not only for design, but also to create concepts and strategies that will drive awareness and impact the bottom line.

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Sales Toolkits

Finally, we create Petsense brand support to tout regular or recurring sales. These sales include flash sales and buy more, save more promos.

A brand support system that is ready to roll out means that the retailer can be agile. As the desire to run a promotion arises, graphics can be implemented quickly to support the sale.

We can also support a quick turn on stellar creative for needs as they arise. Our ongoing brand support clients receive VIP treatment, which is worth its weight in gold to marketing directors who are expected to wear all the hats.

For the Petsense flash sales, we created website graphics to populate a page with offer details. To drive traffic to the landing page, we provided social media posts, Instagram stories, and emails.

While the campaign takes on its own color scheme and straightforward, sales-based messaging, the designs are well within the brand aesthetic.

Brand support must do just that, support the brand. Any brand elements released that do not align with the established brand position will dismantle the brand, confuse customers, and ultimately lead to a diminished market position.

Once the campaign is complete, our team reports on key metrics and assesses performance to adjust and optimize as needed.


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Pet adoptions, giveaways, and product pushes are examples of other retail marketing campaigns our brand and marketing agency has completed for Petsense. We start each campaign by understanding goals and developing a strategy. Then, we apply the brand aesthetic and messaging to the concept before implementing the campaign across marketing channels.

By handling Petsense brand support on an on-going basis, campaigns flow seamlessly into one another. Our team takes care of the details, leveraging our process for marketing campaign implementation, reporting, analysis, and adjustment.

Pet Retail Marketing Support

Brand support is more than graphic design. Effective brand support requires attention to branding best practices, marketing strategy, graphic design, copywriting, and marketing operations.

If you’ve invested in creating a bold brand, don’t allow it to dismantle upon deployment. As a branding and marketing agency, we lead with the brand and implement it across marketing channels in a manner that converts.

If you’re a marketing director, hire the marketing experts at Nice Branding Agency and see what it’s like to press the easy button.

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