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Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Empower Electric specializes in the construction and design of electrical systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and service projects of all types and sizes. We worked with them to equip their team with compelling collateral that would allow them to attract talent and clients. One of the projects we worked on for the electrical contractor was a recruitment piece.

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Nice Branding Agency prioritizes user-experience and strategy when designing collateral for our clients. We take a seat in the user’s position to determine what information they will be searching for, and how we can present the content in a manner that will connect and be memorable.

Graphic Design Company Discovery

Empower Electric reached out with the need for a brochure or printed piece to support their recruiting efforts. The company has a large presence within the high schools, as they seek to recruit electric workers directly from high school into their training programs.

Their approach was solid, but they needed a takeaway that the students would be able to grab and review easily to get the gist of why they should work with Empower.


The strategy for this piece was to first consider why anyone should care. Why would an 18 year old take a second to stop and read this piece of paper? Putting ourselves in that 18 year old, about-to-graduate, student’s shoes, we determined that the potential recruit would want to find a job that would provide them with an income, benefits, and a reputable place to work.

With a rise in young people going directly into the trades from high school, we determined that we could make this choice as ‘cool’ as we could through the design of the piece and some careful attention to copy.

Graphic Design Company Content Development

With the strategy in place, we worked to develop verbiage to convey what Empower Electric could offer a new employee, and why it mattered. Additionally, we wanted to convey that the owner or president of the company truly valued his team. Research shows that the younger generation is looking for a respectful work environment above all else. So, we included a letter from the principal manager himself (crafted by us based on his values) to get that message across.

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With the strategy in place and the copy created, our design team set to work to bring this piece to life. Based on the amount of content, we determined that an accordion-style trifold brochure would be best. Additionally, we decided that having the brochure fold to a square would make the piece stand out in a stack.

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electric company graphic design

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