social media pricing

Extend the reach of your brand on social media with professionally designed social posts created by Nice Branding Agency. Our social service offerings include ongoing social media management, where are team handles it all, or packs of social posts to their social channels on their own accord.

Our full-service social media management plans include content planning, art and caption creation, publishing, monitoring and reporting.

Alternately, if you are looking to supplement your social channels with branded content, our Social Packs are a great pick. Each Social Pack includes professionally designed square social posts. The squares will be accompanied by supporting post text to align with your brand voice and 15 overall account hashtags to help your posts connect with your target. These posts are created with the intention to be evergreen content, allowing you to use them over and over on your social channels.

Either way you choose, we will provide you with the brand support necessary to extend the reach of your business on social media.

social pack

With our social pack, you can continue to manage your social media presence, with graphics and post text provided by our team.

15 posts


30 posts


45 posts


social media management

If you you're looking to turn over the controls for your social channels, we can manage your presence completely. Inquire for details.


$1500 per month


$2500 per month


$3500 per month

let's get to work.

Branded Promo ProductsBranded Promo Products

Promo Products

Nice brands deserve to be shown off on nice products. Extend the reach of your brand and generate interest in your business with uniquely curated and expertly designed branded products. Products are selected and designed with the brand in mind.

Professional PrintingProfessional Printing


Our relationships with print vendors allow us to offer our clients quality that is often unmatched at a rate that can’t be beat. Special attention is paid to print finishes and paper stock to ensure an exceptional outcome, delivered directly to your door.