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The owners of Honest Coffee Roasters approached Nice Branding Agency to create key brand elements for their new coffee business.

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As Honest Coffee Roasters was preparing to open their coffee shop in the Factory of Franklin in Franklin, TN, the owners approached Nice Branding Agency to create key brand elements for their business. Since the budget was tight, the goal was focus on the restaurant menu design and an environmental branding plan, while also developing creative elements that could be built upon once the business got off the ground.


We first set out to create a cohesive brand direction through our Brand Schemin process. We brought to life a vintage, Americana black and white brand that the client instantly fell in love with.

coffee shop branding agency

Restaurant Logo Design

First on the docket of logistical items was the coffee brand’s logo. We created a classic, but sophisticated logo with a supporting icon using a very traditional sans serif font. The logo would be displayed on business cards, restaurant menu design, coffee packaging and throughout the environmental space. This logo design was created to be extremely versatile, and included an HCR icon that could stand alone in certain spots, allowing for ease of use on packaging.

coffee shop logo
coffee shop branding agency

Restaurant Menu Design

With Honest Coffee Roasters, the challenge was to create a restaurant menu design that was creative yet simple, so we employed the use of icons to showcase the different products the coffee roasting company offered. The result was a simple, icon laden menu that was printed on a rack card to keep costs down and then attached to a wooden board to bring in the look and feel of the brand.

coffee shop menu design

Restaurant Business Card

Additionally, we created business cards for the coffee company that featured heavy use of icons, paired with a vintage and traditional design aesthetic. We used spot UV printing techniques to give the card that bit of detail that would grab attention and make the cards special.


coffee shop business card

Restaurant Environmental Branding

The last portion of the project was to create an environmental direction that pinpointed parts of the restaurant space where the brand could connect with customers. We were able to maximize the client’s budget by taking on a consulting role that allowed them to work on their brand themselves within their space. Through interior design consulting, we were able to expand the presence of the brand in the space through the selection of materials, furniture, colors, design, and layout.

The Honest Coffee Roasters brand has been able to live on with just the elements that we created. With these brand elements, they have been able to expand the reach of the brand as the company has grown. We are now proud to see the logo we designed popping up in White’s Mercantile and Whole Foods.

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