Showbird is a chicken restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. This NOLA restaurant specializes in unique menu items, ranging from a variety of chicken sandwiches to a selection of ice creams. Showbird was a new restaurant in need of a website and branding, so Nice Branding built them an actionable site to promote their business.

The website is easily navigated, showcasing contact information, hours of operations, online order forms, and the restaurant menus. Showbird’s branding is bright and fun, with some edge and humor sprinkled throughout the site.

Project Kickoff: Business Branding

Every Nice Branding project starts with a discovery meeting to get acquainted with the new client. To kickoff their Elite Restaurant Branding Package, we started with a project kickoff call. This provided us with the necessary background information for our strategists to study before we begin the brainstorming process. Showbird’s Elite Branding Package included presentations of up to three unique brand boards, up to three brand icons, branded merchandise, a website to complement the chosen brand direction, and more.

Design Direction Brainstorm

Showbird wanted to create a website that was easy to navigate and established itself as a recognizable brand with bold, dynamic colors and elements, as well as interactive features and menu plugins. They wanted a fun layout to attract the attention of potential customers.

When brainstorming our concepts, we focused on yellow being the main color of the website with black and white elements added throughout. We sought to engage the demographic of restaurant-goers in NOLA with bold colors, edgy elements, and opportunities to engage with the restaurant through social media hashtags and ways to get in touch.

First Brand Concept Development

Brand Mood Board

As part of our Elite Branding Package, we developed a mood board using a selection of images that convey the overall delivery of the company’s brand design. For Showbird, our experts pulled images that are bright and fun, with a focus on breakfast foods. We did this to emphasize the restaurant’s easy-going spirit and dynamic atmosphere. This is further reflected in the color palette that incorporates bright yellows, light blues, orange, and white.

Brand Logo Concept One

The logo for the first concept is the company’s name in easy-to-read, sporty font with shades of blue to highlight their appetizing restaurant.

Brand Colors

The colors we chose reflect the focus colors that Showbird was looking for, with various shades of yellow, blue, and white.

Brand Fonts

The brand fonts are easy to read, with Herchey being the title font, Giane Gothic Sans Black Italic being the subtitle font, and Red Hat Text being the generic font. We chose these fonts to highlight the playful, unique nature of Showbird.

Supporting Brand Icons

For the supporting icons, we created logos that showcase Showbird’s bright, dynamic brand with trendy chicken icons in bold colors. These icons are meant to be eye-catching and energizing.

Second Brand Concept Development

Mood Board

The second mood board we created primarily focuses on yellow coloring and food imagery, with touches of white and black. This vibrant, energetic branding is intended to spark curiosity and excitedness within potential customers.

Brand Logo Concept Two

For the second logo, we chose another large, easy-to-read font. However, this font is more restaurant-oriented. We used bright yellow lettering on a black background to emphasize the boldness of the brand.

Brand Design Colors

The colors we selected were yellow, black, gray, and white. These colors capture Showbird’s dynamic atmosphere and top-notch nature.

Brand Fonts

For the second concept, we chose Buinton Rough One as the title font and Chantel Bold as the accent font, but kept Red Hat Text as the generic font. These fonts have a playful edginess to them that reflects the humor and laid-back feeling of the restaurant.

Supporting Icons

For these supporting icon designs, we leaned into the playful, tongue-in-cheek humor of the restaurant, with puns, alternative imagery, and bright yellows. This solidifies Showbird’s bold nature and brand positioning.

Presentation and Selection

Our Nice Branding Agency team of experts presented the brand design options to Showbird. During our brand presentation, we walked the client through each conceptualization, sharing our thought processes behind each approach and selection.

Brand Logo Finalization

After Showbird provided their feedback and approved the final logo concept, the Nice team moved into wrapping up their logo design. Our team inspected all elements of the logo for excellence and precision.

Next, we formatted the final logo files in full color and black and white in JPEG, PNG, EPS, and PDF. We delivered the logo files to Showbird accompanied with handy brand guidelines.

Logo Guidebook

Our brand design guidebook is a must-have tool to preserve the integrity of the brand. The team delivered a professional booklet that includes the mood board, logo, supporting brand icons, official brand colors, and final brand typography.

Project Closeout

Showbird was delighted with our branding services, and our branding agency was honored to have the opportunity to partner with this new restaurant.

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