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Our clients, a dental lab, wanted to differentiate themselves from their parent company through a refreshed brand.

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At the start of this project, our client approached us with a need for new dental branding for their lab. At the time, they were operating out of their parent company’s brand, but they were ready to differentiate their lab from the parent company so they could effectively serve other clients as well.

They needed the typical projects to get started as a new business, so we offered our new business package, which includes the foundational elements of a new brand identity: a logo, stationery and a simple website. This accessible package was perfect for the lab looking to rebrand.


The first step in the dental branding project was to create a logo for the lab, under their new name, Dental Milling Solutions.

To design their logo, we created several different options using shades of blue to denote the medical aspect of the brand and to provide a clean and modern aesthetic necessary for a lab.

In a few of the options we presented, we included an icon that loosely resembled the molds made in the lab. Ultimately, we were charged with creating a logo that didn’t incorporate teeth or implants, as our client wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition.

The final logo chosen was comprised of the initials of the brand using clean, bold lines that overlap for emphasis. The letter connections create a sense of fluidity and cohesiveness. Although the logo has no accompanying icon, the letters DMS together can stand on their own without the full business name, standing as an effective logo for the lab.

dental branding


Once the logo was finalized, we used it to create a complete suite of stationery as the next step in dental branding. The stationery suite included a letterhead, envelopes and a new business card.

dental branding

Business Card Development

To decide on a final business card design, we presented the client with three options that included the new logo. One option incorporated geometric shapes in various grey tones to provide dimension.

A second option included a blue gradient. The third and final option used the business name as a repeating pattern.

The client selected the third option. We proposed printing the card using spot UV to highlight the unique pattern we created.

As an additional project, we designed a custom label for the lab’s sterilization kits, as well as a card to be sent out with all of their orders to announce Dental Milling Solutions’ name change as they rolled out their new dental branding.

dental branding


Although the lab had already been in business, they had no web presence, so we designed a website that emphasized their specialty: full arch zirconia implant restorations.

The primary goal of the website was to entice visitors (usually oral surgeons, dentists, and their offices) to order implants from DMS, so we focused on a simple user experience to drive visitors to the calls to action.

For the design of their website, we showcased their services in a concise manner that highlighted what made them unique: that they specialized in full arch zirconia implant restorations, and their mobile lab.

If you are looking to rebrand a business or build a brand around a new concept, Nice Branding Agency’s new business package includes everything you need to get a solid brand foundation in place as you get your company up and running. Reach out to the girls at Nice Branding Agency to begin the brand building process.

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dental branding
dental branding
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