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Gold's Gym

Creating a new member fitness center brochure for Golds Gym in Lakeland lead to on-going fitness marketing efforts, providing strategy, insight, consulting, and graphic design.

Golds Gym of South Lakeland came to Nice Branding Agency with multiple branding needs and an overarching goal to improve their fitness marketing efforts.

One of the initial priorities was to create a new member fitness center brochure that could inform new and potential Golds Gym members of the benefits of the South Lakeland location.

One of the obstacles that the fitness center experienced with past fitness marketing materials was the ever-changing, ever-growing nature of the facility. Each month, schedules were changing, staff was growing and overall gym benefits were evolving. Constantly updating and reprinting these materials reflected a lack of organization, professionalism, and quite frankly, fitness marketing dollars.


Nice Branding Agency proposed a fitness center brochure that consisted of an intentionally simplistic, generalized folder that housed multiple, well-designed, informative inserts. These inserts would be trimmed to various sizes, allowing the viewer to easily navigate the vast world that thrived within the walls of the health facility.

Upon opening the folder, the user could quickly retrieve information that provoked interest. In addition, these inserts would be able to be printed in-house and replaced as updates were needed. Being mindful of budgetary concerns was important to the client.

Golds Gym of South Lakeland was thrilled with the concept because it deflated the past limitations they encountered with New Member fitness marketing materials.

The fitness center brochure was designed with compelling graphics and vibrant colors to entice energy and excitement. In addition, an untraditional size was chosen for the shell to compel attraction. Nice Branding Agency worked with the health club to develop various headlines, titles and copy to keep a fun-loving vibe throughout the verbiage of the brochure.

At the completion of the brochure, Nice Branding Agency began to sort though and optimize the fitness marketing efforts, providing strategy, insight, consulting, graphic design support and social media management on an ongoing basis.

Nice Branding Agency continues to impress Golds Gym of South Lakeland with the development of other branding and fitness marketing materials.

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