VIBE Organic Kitchen & Juice

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Our client at Vibe welcomed our ideas and suggestions, yet had his finger on the pulse of the industry and a vision of what he wanted his restaurant to be.

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When Josh Leibowitz approached us about doing restaurant logo design and branding for his brand new vegan cafe in Newport Beach, California, we were stoked for the opportunity. Josh was a business owner who had his ducks in a row and understood the value of an impactful and professionally developed brand.
Let’s put it this way, we were feeling the vibes.

As many small business owners are, Josh was on a tight budget for the initial launch, so we worked with him to determine which pieces would be the most crucial to get right from the start. We determined that we would create a logo, takeout menu, food labels, and some killer window paper that he could use during his construction phase to create a buzz.

Restaurant Logo Design

The restaurant logo design created for Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice was inspired by modern design, but amped up with the inclusion of an iconic triangle symbol for the V. The V currently lives on labels, social profiles, and in real life as a hand symbol that the Vibe team throws up here and there. The mark was created to be able to exist in its primary format — horizontally, or stacked in a square. And of course, the goal for the triangle V is for it to be able to represent the brand as a stand-alone logo icon.

The Vibe menu is chock full of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options for health-nuts and foodies, alike. We wanted to showcase all of the offerings on a menu that could be easily printed either in-house or locally, so we created a clean, modern menu sized to 11 x 8.5. The idea was that a new restaurant is likely to need to rework and revise menu items after launch, so to keep menu costs down, in-house printing was key.

juice restaurant branding

Food Labels and Takeout Bags

Packaging for Vibe encompassed both round and rectangular labels for takeout cups and containers. We created eye-catching labels that featured the product name prominently but also included dietary information and the location details of the restaurant. The handle bags are designed to toe the line between bold and understated, and to extend the reach of the icon. In effect, these have now become walking extensions of the brand, as customers grab and go and tote their packages around town.

juice restaurant branding
juice restaurant branding

Window Paper

During the construction phase, Vibe wanted to have their windows covered in something other than plain paper. The storefront windows are valuable advertising and marketing real estate, and covering them in a branded paper or vinyl allows you to catch the eye of passers-by while creating excitement and wonderment about your new restaurant. There’s an art to taking up space while employing a creative approach to the design, and we are really vibin’ on what we provided for Vibe. I mean, you would notice this place, right?!

Menu Design

The colorful menus we designed for Vibe divide out all of their offerings: shots, juice, smoothies, breakfast items, toasts, wraps, bowls, burgers, and more into sections. Color blocking and dividing lines makes this menu easy to follow. Callouts and patterns complete the design in a sleek, eye-catching way.

juice restaurant branding

Overall, this project was a fun one and we, as well as the client, view it as a success. The client welcomed our ideas and suggestions, yet had his finger on the pulse of the industry and a vision of what he wanted his restaurant to be. Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice opened in April 2017.

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