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This comprehensive medical marketing plan included an updated logo, website design and marketing plan to increase brand awareness and draw in more patients.

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Our journey with Pediatric Partners started with a logo, as it so often does with our clients. From there, we embarked on a branding adventure that touched all aspects of the look and feel of the pediatric clinic. Finally, we put the new brand to work with a comprehensive medical marketing plan.

Medical Practice Branding

For Pediatric Partners, we created a medical logo design using a bolder, simplistic approach that put the name and the service at the forefront of the medical practice.

pediatric doctor logo

Medical Marketing Materials

After the medical logo design was complete, the new logo was implemented on medical business cards, medical appointment cards, medical letterhead, medical stationary cards and an envelope to further build the visual identity of the pediatric brand.

pediatric doctor brochure
pediatric doctor flyer

Medical Environmental Branding

Additionally, the medical client was moving to a new medical facility in which we consulted on exterior signage, interior signage, and medical interior design to bring the medical brand to life throughout the clinical space.

Medical Website Design

A completely new medical website was developed to give the user with a more friendly online visit by providing them with the details they would need to know as a prospective patient, sullying imperative visit information for current patients and hosting a blog that was continually updated and optimized by the Nice Branding team.

pediatric doctor website design
pediatric doctor website design

Medical Marketing Plan

The current marketing initiatives were examined and strategically rebuilt to place advertising dollars on marketing outlets that were producing results, while reallocating the underperforming budget to new advertising channels. A comprehensive annual medical marketing plan was developed. This included all medical marketing initiatives, budgets and timelines to allow for ease of execution. All medical marketing initiatives were monitored and analyzed on an annual basis to continually improve the performance of all medical marketing initiatives.

The medical marketing plan for Pediatric Partners included community events, print advertisements, digital advertising, content marketing, social media marketing management, reputation, listing management and outdoor advertising. Not only did the marketing plan provide an outline of medical marketing initiatives that the Nice Branding team was able to fully carry out throughout the calendar year, but it also pinpointed various medical marketing campaigns that were designed to drive patient counts during flu season, back to school and allergy season.

Nice Branding was able to execute the entire marketing plan, acting as an in-house marketing department for the clinic. We kept costs down, while driving patient counts and keeping our client in the loop regarding our efforts and the results.

The comprehensive medical marketing plan was supported by compelling graphic design, project management to ensure consistency and on-time completion, and continual analysis which resulted in increasing brand awareness, while lowering the marketing spend by $22,736 from 2015 to 2016.

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