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This branding project for Nashville startup, Polleneers, included a new logo, website, and marketing plan to launch the new business.

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The Polleneers are a group of bee keepers and landscape architects whose sole purpose is to revive the honey bee population in middle Tennessee through intentional flower planting in cedar-plank backyard gardens for optimal pollination.

Since the birth of their business, Nice Branding Agency has worked with this group to provide complete branding and marketing support. Being a start-up business, it was important that Nice Branding Agency work efficiently and creatively to accomplish awareness for Polleneers as quickly as possible.


Once their name was defined, a logo was created for the brand, creatively combining the main elements of the business — the bee and the plant. The simplistic nature of the logo design mirrored the simplistic elements that would be used throughout the brand. Overall, the brand has taken on a hipster, organic, earthy look, intended to draw in those concerned with the earth and New Age environmental movements.

After the logo was completed, it was time to move on to the other necessary elements. Copy was developed, and various items within the brand were named. The gardens became known as Bloom Boxes, the promotional items as Seed Bombs. It was important that the purpose of the company and process of the product be well defined, yet simple and easy to digest in order to attract customers.

business branding nashville


custom website was developed through creative copywriting, design, and web development to educate visitors of the need to pollenate and provide a solution of how this could be done. The website provides awareness of the mission of the Polleneers while presenting the options for Bloom Boxes and the process one should take if interested in becoming a Polleneer. Since at the time of brand development snow was still falling and no Bloom Boxes had been installed, Nice Branding Agency had to rely mainly on the use of stock art to depict the image of the brand.

business branding nashville


Since garden shows were high on the list of marketing outlets, once the logo and website were complete, booth design and necessary marketing pieces were needed. Nice Branding Agency developed business cards, a banner stand, table cover, rack cards, and giveaway packaging that all aligned with the newly developed brand.

The Seed Bombs were created to serve as a living, breathing preview of what Polleneers are all about. The recipient of the Seed Bomb can either plant or throw the self-germinating ball of clay and compost, resulting in the growth of a perennial flower favored by bees. Low-cost packaging that aligned with the bee brand was needed to bring awareness of the company’s objectives. Small linen bags were hand-stamped with the logo on one side and the website and contact info on the other. The Seed Bombs were then inserted into the bags with a small card with instructions on how to use the Seed Bombs on one side, and a “Who We Are” and “How to Become a Polleneer” statement on the back.

business branding nashville
business branding nashville
business branding nashville


Various apparel was also designed to outfit the employees speaking and showcasing the company at the garden shows.

business branding nashville

Social Media

Multiple hashtags and handles are used to reside with followers on social media outlets. The #polleNATION is the organization that one automatically becomes a part of once they have joined the group as a Polleneer.

The Polleneers have merged with Williams Honey Farm, so if you’re looking for them online, you’ll find them there. If you’re looking for the best logo design Nashville has ever seen, contact Nice Branding Agency.

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