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Acoustical Services, Inc is an existing business that has grown simply through referrals and word-of-mouth. This is the case with many of our clients who are contractors and subcontractors. And in fact, this is very common for our business branding clients. Typically, clients who benefit most from a business branding package with Nice Branding Agency are those that are starting a new business, or have been in business for about 3-5 years and now have the funds to work on the brand. For Acoustical Services, the business branding package was a sound investment. Through this project, we worked on developing a logo, stationery package, and website for the company that revolutionized the way they were able to attract clients.

Business Branding Project Kickoff

We started the business branding project by on-boarding Acoustical Services, Inc as a client of Nice Branding Agency. Our on-boarding process includes the provision of a few Nice client forms, as well as the payment of a deposit to get the party started.

In order to download all of the important information from Acoustical Services, we sent them a creative brief that included questions about both the logo and the website.

The questionnaire noted that Acoustical Services is in the business of installing acoustical ceilings, and that their primary target is contractors. Additionally, we found through the brief that the client was hoping that the new logo would convey professionalism and accuracy.

Logo Design Direction Brainstorm

The brief was reviewed by our design lead and a brainstorm was held by our team to curate viable concepts that could be developed into brand marks for the business. The team came together to sketch some ideas, and ultimately those ideas were brought to our Director of Design and Creative Director for selection.

These concepts included the use of sound waves, the incorporation of tiles to indicate acoustical panels, as well as options that focused on an acronym for the name of the business.

corporate logo brainstorm sketches

Finalization of Logo Conceptualization

Our Director of Design and our Creative Director carefully reviewed the options, digging in to determine what would be legible in application and meaningful to the development of the brand. They advised that we also implement a variation on the acronym to create a slanted design within the I that would mimic the slanted acoustical panels so often installed.

Logo Design Options

We developed three logo options, including a sound wave option, a tile option, and an acronym option. All were created using vibrant colors that indicated a bold approach to professionalism and accuracy. The color palettes selected included options that would capture attention in the field and align with that of other subcontractors on a job, while also differentiating the business with unexpected pops of bright yellow and a fresh green tone.

The first option we developed incorporated an icon meant to demonstrate sound. The icon was utilized in place of the letter ‘C’ within the word Acoustical. This symbol of sound reverberation makes the firm instantly recognizable as one that handles acoustics and sound.

The second concept utilizes a tiled icon, indicative of the acoustical panels that the company installs for its clients. The panels are set into a diamond shape, with a color formation that subtly forms the letter A. The color is then brought into the abbreviation, “Inc” at the end of the type to balance the logo.

corporate logo development

The final option we created utilizes the company’s acronym as the brand icon. Within the icon, you will notice that the ‘I’ has a slightly slanted top. This indicates the acoustical panels that the business is known for installing and adds interest to the logo. This bright yellow color is brought into the tag at the end of the logo to provide balance and to draw the viewer’s eye across the business name from left to right.

sound business logo development

Presentation and Selection

Upon presentation, the client was immediately drawn to the option that incorporated their acronym as the icon. The full logo includes a horizontal setup with the icon on the left and the full business name on the right. The icon is intended to stand alone as needed, and the top of the ‘I’ is slanted to parallel the main product of the company.

acoustics logo graphic design

Logo Revisions

The bold color palette was swapped out for a more sleek option that was based on black with highlights of copper foil. The resulting brand image is stunning, and unlike anything you would see on a job site. It’s 100% professional and quickly conveys accuracy and precision.

service logo graphic design nashville

Logo Finalization

We finalized the logo and selected color codes in CMYK, RGB, PMS and web tones. Then, we created a complete set of logo files, including PDF, JPEG, EPS, and PNG. We provided the logo in all black, all white, and full color. We also provided a logo guidelines sheet that included the fonts, color palette, and general guidelines for using the logo. With the completion of the logo, we had completed a crucial step in our business branding process.

corporate logo guideline sheet

Business Card

With a final logo in tow, we moved directly into the design of the business card. We presented Acoustical Services with three options for a business card design, and they ultimately chose a beautiful black card with the icon in copper foil and additional copper foil accents on the front of the card. The business cards certainly convey the professional image that we set out to create.

Upon selection of a business card design, our team finalized the design and typeset business cards for up to 5 team members. We also provided print quotes, including shipping costs.

sound company business cards

Stationery Package Development

Next, we transferred the logo design and color palette to the rest of the stationery package for Acoustical Services. We created new letterhead, envelope, and message card designs that would equip the company to communicate with partners, vendors, and clients in a professional manner.

corporate stationery graphic design

Website Sitemap Presentation

Setting our focus on the business website, our team presented a sitemap outlining the pages for the website project. Before stepping a foot into a website build, we’ve got to know exactly what pages are required for the site and where they will live in the menu hierarchy. Upon approval of the sitemap, our team sets out to create a website wireframe that will serve as the blueprint for the build.

Website Hosting

Additionally, at this juncture, we spoke with our client about website hosting, and what our package includes. WordPress websites require regular updates and maintenance, and our team handles that internally for our website hosting clients. We presented the package to Acoustical Services, and they agreed that our hosting would support their need well.

The Website Wireframe

Typically, a wireframe will be a reorganization of an existing website so that it makes more sense to the user and serves as a better sales tool.

However, Acoustical Services was operating sans website and had been for 27 years. This was our opportunity to really hone in on what they do, who they do it for, and why anyone should care.

We used this phase to lay out the structure of the website and to sort and classify their services. This is a huge organizational win for any business, and it really gave Acoustical Services cause to pause and examine how they structured their offerings and how they communicated those offerings.

Wireframes can be tricky to review. We set up a meeting with Acoustical Services to walk them through the wireframe page by page. As we reviewed the structure of the soon-to-be-website, we talked through the calls to action and content to ensure that everything aligned with the goals of the website and the goals of the business as a whole.

Overall, the wireframe was approved with minimal revisions and our team got to work designing the business website.

corporate wireframe development

Website Design

Based on the approved logo and business card, we worked to implement the visual direction of the business branding project into the website pages. Additionally, we developed copy for the website that would convey key messaging and prompt viewers to take action.

The resulting design is a stunning compilation of images and copy that captures the viewer upon page load and consistently nudges them to the intended action, which is to get a quote or call now. The website takes the user through a journey that explains what the company does, who they work for, and why what they do is important.

Additional information is available to the user on-demand, but the focus is an experience that drives them to the primary calls to action.

The website is 100% mobile responsive, and was designed with the viewer in mind. Upon completion of the design, our team presented PDFs of key pages to the client for review and approval.

The design was approved quickly, and we prepared the website assets for development.

responsive website development

Website Development

Our website development process includes the build of a custom WordPress website on a staging server, based on the approved website design.

While our website development team is compiling the code, our content and design teams prepare all images and text to be entered into the Content Management System. Upon completion of both build and content entry, we complete internal testing before sending to client for review and approval.

We do both a Pre-Launch and a Post-Launch Closeout, which includes testing forms and buttons, entering meta tags on images, setting up google analytics, and creating a backup of the site.

corporate website development
corporate website development

Website Launch

In the final phase of the project, we launched the website on a domain that Acoustical Services owned already. For some of our clients, we are able to secure a domain if needed, while others own an unused domain, and still others have an existing site on their URL that we’ve got to swap out with the new one.

Directly following the launch, we completed our Post-Launch Closeout to ensure that after the launch, all website functionality was working as intended, and that the site was rendering well on both desktop and mobile.

Business Branding Project Closeout

Finally, we notified Acoustical Services that their website was live (yay!) and the deliverables included in the business branding project were complete. To closeout the project, we provided them with a training video that summarized how to update key content in the backend of WordPress, as well as a back up of their website. We also sent over their logo files and guidelines and the print-ready PDF files for the stationery and congratulated them on a beautiful new brand.

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