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Frescos Bakery and Bistro in Downtown Lakeland approached Nice Branding Agency, a restaurant advertising company, with the request for a new restaurant menu design in unison with the expansion of its current restaurant space.

Following much thought and debate, Nice Branding suggested that, in addition to a new restaurant menu design, Frescos needed to consider taking a look at the overall brand image, restaurant interior design, and overall brand message. Frescos agreed.


After a considerable amount of research, questioning, listening and brainstorming, Nice Branding Agency presented the expanding restaurant with various choices for a refreshed identity. This was done through a strategic and creative Brand Schemin’ package, where Nice Branding Agency paired together images to illustrate various directions the brand could take.

An overwhelming decision was made to choose a vintage, speak-easy inspired direction. From there, Nice Branding Agency, who focuses on restaurant branding, created basic brand materials such as a restaurant logo, business cards, corporate stationary and a killer menu design.

Restaurant Advertising & Marketing

Nice Branding Agency devised a thorough strategy for unveiling the restaurant’s new image through a strategic and creative restaurant advertising plan.

The multi-channel marketing plan included teaser images that were placed on the windows of the new space, in various media publications, online, and on billboards around town. These images were paired with descriptive words of what patrons would be able to expect at this new restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. These images contained zero indication of what restaurant these restaurant advertisements might represent.

After a period of time that resulted in suspense and built up interest, the new logo was added to these teaser images, unveiling the updated Frescos brand and the brand personality that the newly refreshed restaurant would embrace.

Social Media

In addition to the images, captivating verbiage and a location hashtag (#onthecorneroflemonandkentucky) were used to unify the teaser advertising campaign.

Nice Branding also assisted with social media upkeep and interior developments for the restaurant in order to translate the new concept to multiple consumer touch points.

If you’re interested in working with a company that specializes in restaurant advertising and restaurant branding, please reach out to Nice Branding Agency today.

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