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To build the Keith Williams + Associates brand, we bundled our services for a custom-designed logo, matching business card, and WordPress website.

Keith Williams approached us for new Nashville business branding. Keith Williams + Associates provides an invaluable resource to Critical Access Hospitals in the form of audits and strategies to minimize over and under payments on Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.

To build the Keith Williams + Associates brand, we bundled our services for a custom-designed logo, matching business card, and WordPress website.

Logo Development

To create the KWA logo, we started by talking through the ins and outs of the business with Keith. It was essential that we understood who his clients were and what he was offering them. We needed to know the unique value Keith would provide to determine how to position him through his branding.

We then had Keith fill out a logo questionnaire that detailed what he wanted to see in his logo, what he didn’t want to see in the logo, and where the logo would be most used in application, among other things.

Keith’s main goals were to communicate that he was experienced, affordable, and trustworthy to his core audience of C-Suite executives at hospitals. To convey this, we created five options that we presented to Keith. Most of the options included the initials, KWA.

Each of the logos created provided a bold, strong, smart approach which paralleled with the needs of Keith’s potential clients. This look also allowed for quick recognition of the logo and would create an easy association between the initials KWA and the brand.

The final version presented included an icon centered around a K with up and down arrows incorporated. This look provided an icon-style approach, rather than an ‘initial’ or acronym approach. The upward and downward facing arrows in the icon were indicative of the increased reimbursement and decreased risk that the brand would become synonymous with.

We honed in on the colors green, blue and gray on these options. The color green represents growth and prosperity. The blue represents loyalty, reliability, trust, and wisdom all of which are necessary elements of the KWA brand. The combination of these colors, along with the soft gray balancing neutral is a solid combination that will carry the brand through multiple mediums in the years to come.

The final logo selected is a memorable, recognizable design that shows his initials woven together. We used a blue and white color palette to convey honesty and professionalism, and a bold font to draw the viewer in and separate Keith from the competition.

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Business Card Design

Using the logo we designed, next we worked on creating a professional business card. Our business card design process is thorough, and working with a branding professional on your card design is key. We created several options for the card, all of which were a standard size. Each of the options utilized the established color palette, and a clean and modern aesthetic.

The goal of the business card was to create a memorable, lasting impression, and provide Keith with a tool he could use for networking purposes. We incorporated a bold font for the name section, and highlighted the website URL nicely on each option.

We printed his card on a nice, silk stock so it would really hold its own in the professional world and convey an elevated, yet approachable brand to potential partners.

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For Keith’s website, we were able to secure the domain This was a major win from an SEO perspective, and also from a user experience angle.

We started the project with a website wireframe. The wireframe is a skeleton of the site that provides the client (and our team!) a look at where information will live on the site. There are no design elements in place yet, but you can still see how the navigation will be set up, where images will be placed, and where copy will be utilized. Additionally, it is during this phase that we create calls to action throughout the website to drive user experience.

Keith offers a 100% risk-free analysis. This was our carrot, and our goal was to get users to fill out a form on the site to obtain the free analysis. Within the wireframe, we noted this with a 100% Risk-Free button in the top right corner — which is prime real estate on a website.

We then recycled this call to action throughout the site, feeding the user bits of information along the way to nudge them toward the intended action.

You’ll notice on the homepage, that there are little tidbits of information from each of the other pages that serve to entice the user to want to know more. Over the header photo, we crafted one single statement that encompasses the value that KWA provides, and then right there, we provide the user with an opportunity to obtain that value.

Then, if they’re not yet convinced, we provide a bit of information about the KWA process, and another call to action.

We use a storytelling approach to highlight a potential failure if the user decides not to contact KWA (holes in their process) and then again invite them to enroll in our risk-free analysis.

From there we answer the question, “Why KWA” and highlight the benefits that a client will enjoy working with Keith.

All along the way, we’ve placed calls to action that are within reach at any point during the scroll.

You see, the feeling you get when you’re on a website – whether to go or stay – is not by accident. It is the result of a user experience that has been carefully crafted (or neglected). When we build a website for our clients, we are careful to address strategy first. We want to know what the ultimate goal of the site is, and then we go to work devising a plan to compel users to take action aligned with your goal.

When the wireframe is sorted out and approved by the client, we then move into design. The design phase entails taking the brand we’ve created, and translating it into the website. For KWA, we used the blue hues and strong fonts to design a user interface that makes the brand feel capable and trustworthy. The clean lines convey a clarity that is indicative of the emotion that a client will gain from working with KWA.

Photography was utilized throughout the site to bring in a more human element, and the images used were somewhat casual and approachable. This was important when considering Keith’s primary target – Critical Access Hospitals.

When the design was approved by our client, we developed the website to the exact specifications noted in the design. Since our team includes both web designers and web developers, we are able to work hand in hand to ensure that the intended design is brought to life flawlessly on the www. Web design and web development aren’t the same, but they also can’t operate completely separately. We talked a bit about web design vs web development on our blog if you’d like to brush up on your facts.

Additionally, we design from a mobile-first perspective. As of this post, more than half of all website traffic is viewed on a mobile phone. So ensuring that the site looks perfect and that the user experience is ideal on mobile is key. Before we set the site free, we confirm that it is 100% mobile responsive.

At the conclusion of this project, Keith Williams + Associates was outfitted with a brand that positioned him well to market his services. We truly enjoy creating brands for new businesses, and those looking for a more professional image, and we feel that the value we’re able to provide makes such an impact for our clients.

If you’re looking to brand your business, or are considering whether a brand refresh could make a difference for your company, please reach out to us to get the conversation started.

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