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American Pathology Partners

From wireframes to UX design, development, and hosting, this medical website design project created an invaluable asset for American Pathology Partners.


At Nice Branding Agency, we love getting to work on projects like the American Pathology Partners medical website development project that show off our technical side. Working simultaneously on the website development and website design for this medical client helped us maximize usability, fine tune design and create a website for AP2 that provided just the solution they were looking for.


The Initial Inquiry

AP2 came to us after seeing similar medical website development that we had completed. We love it when our work speaks for itself! They wanted their site to be as highly functional, well designed and easy to use as the one they had seen. We loved getting to work on their site to simplify the user experience for internal and external users on the surface level of the site and in the backend.


Meetings With Key Stakeholders

AP2 is a privately held medical laboratory company headquartered in Nashville. They have multiple locations with varying brands and different company names with different URLs all under one parent company. AP2 serves physician offices, hospitals and surgery centers with specialized anatomic and pathology services, and they also send bills to patients directly. We sat down for some strategy, and then we got to work.


Medical Website Wireframes

We created first a comprehensive set of website wireframes to provide the client and our team a working blueprint of the website so that we could see how each page would need to work and look.


Medical Website Design & User Experience

Then, we planned out, from the user’s point of view, how the website would function as a seamless flow of pages. We made navigation and ease of use our first priority without forgetting the aesthetic appeal of the site that was key to AP2’s credibility with patients.


Medical Website Development

Finally, we finished up the developing and got the site up and running. Their site needed to do a lot of things, so we made sure all of these companies, divisions, employees and patients were able to use the site. We designed the site to be a trustworthy-looking embodiment of the AP2 brand so patients knew that the AP2 website was a legitimate place they could access a (functioning!) portal to pay their bills. Then we developed an online database for providers as an online source for downloading forms, ordering supplies, and accessing a directory of providers. Finally, we simplified the existing backend and populated the site’s content and images.





After staging the site for the client, we worked through revisions and then got started moving it over onto their domain. We offer hosting and maintenance packages to our clients to keep the software updated and running smoothly without lag time, security breaches, or any poor functionality. The transfer went smoothly without any downtime for the AP2 site, and since then, the site has been up and running for AP2 – pathologists, clients, employees and all.

Your business deserves a website that is well-designed, mobile friendly, and easy to update. Many sites that were built even just a few years ago are no longer in line with recent web trends and are not taking advantage of advances in user experience that will make marketing your services simple. If you are wondering whether your business is in need of a new website, contact us today.

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