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Parallon Technology Solutions, a company owned by HCA Healthcare (HCA), approached Nice Branding Agency with an RFP for a corporate healthcare branding project. The firm needed to distinguish themselves from sister company, Parallon Business Solutions, and create a brand and narrative that better aligned with their core values. The PTS team selected Nice Branding Agency to handle the rebranding project, and our team dove in deep to uncover the true core of the company.


Parallon Technology Solutions (PTS) provides EHR implementations, IT help desk, application support, IT managed services, hosting, technical staffing and strategic IT consulting services to hospitals, outpatient facilities, and large physician groups nationwide. With a team of over 450 clinical, financial and technical professionals, PTS has implemented EHR systems in more than 300 facilities. PTS offers staffing and remote support services for all major EHR acute and ambulatory platforms as well as their ancillary applications. 


The Need for Nice

We were excited for the prospect of getting to revolutionize a brand associated with HCA through a corporate healthcare branding project. After reviewing the RFP, we also knew that every single aspect of the project fell squarely within our wheelhouse as a healthcare branding agency.

As we started talking further with the team at PTS throughout the proposal review phase, we became even more stoked about the project. The passion the Parallon Tech team had for their purpose was contagious, and we wanted to create a brand image that would accurately reflect their commitment to the cause.

Parallon Technology Solutions was established as a part of Parallon Business Solutions (PBS). The Parallon organization as a whole is owned by HCA. PTS (our client) and PBS have since separated, however they share the word Parallon in their names, and their visual identities lacked distinction from one another.

The similarities between the look and feel of the two organizations caused confusion for both the consumer and internal-facing initiatives. 

The company clearly needed a healthcare branding agency to help sort things out. The purpose for the rebrand was to distinguish Parallon Technology Solutions from its former parent company and also to develop a brand for the organization that better aligned with the firm’s mission, values, and characteristics.


Discovery for Corporate Healthcare Branding

The project started with a strategy session designed to pull out the most minute details and address the broadest topics with key stakeholders.

The rebrand discovery meeting was held at PTS headquarters in Brentwood, TN, in a conference room with the CEO, department heads, plus a couple of Nice girls. We asked open-ended questions that sparked conversations about the direction of the organization, its impact on the market, and how the leaders thought the company should be perceived.

After digging in a little, we came to the conclusion that the impact that our client has on patient care is immense. The efficient implementation and support of the systems that they set up leads to better outcomes for patients, ease of use for physicians and caregivers, and a better bottom line for the healthcare organization as a whole. We also talked about processes, teams, services, competition, and overall market trends.

We realized that PTS was the link. They were the connection to the care. However, the company’s story and brand support didn’t reflect this connection. From there, we took our new knowledge back to our team and got down to business.




It was pretty apparent from the get-go that PTS needed a new name. Their existing name had no relevant meaning behind it, and it was so close to Parallon Business Solutions that the organizations were often confused for one another.

Let’s be upfront about this. Naming is no easy feat. There are both legal and brand-related implications of altering the moniker of an entrenched business, but in this case, the rebrand was the perfect platform for renaming the company.

Through the creative methods of research and brainstorming, our team presented our client with five new name options, paired with narratives that would accompany the name and set the tone for the brand. We ran the names through our trademark attorney to ensure that they were viable options before presenting them.

The company then took the options they liked to their legal team and came back with two usable names per their legal department. 

The name CereCore was selected. The underlying meaning behind the name became a platform for the organization to tell their story. Literally, the name implies that the business is the cerebral intelligence at the core of healthcare operations, which was exactly the role PTS played for clients.


Brand Direction + Story

Along with the names, we presented various visual directions paired with narratives as options for the brand. Each was a unique approach that brought to life the narrative and name visually. We developed three brand directions with images, colors, text, and type to capture the overall aesthetic options for the brand. We presented these to the client, along with their brand stories, so they could grasp the feeling of each proposed brand direction.





Our client selected the third option, and we got to work implementing the brand direction across all brand support, but first, we needed to develop a company logo.


Logo Development

To provide a visual platform for telling the CereCore story, we created a logo for the business. We created an icon comprised of two C’s, pulled from the new name CereCore, that were intertwined to indicate the link that CereCore would play in the connection of care. The icon took on a + sign, which implied their connection to the healthcare industry, as well as the positive impact the company has on individual’s, as a they are a key player in life-saving care. Additionally, the + sign indicated the positivity of the CereCore team, and their enthusiasm for the work they do. We also created some visual movement through the logo that represents the movement of data throughout their operations and the movement that is apparent daily in hospital atmospheres.

The brand story, paired with the logo, gives the viewer a true look into heart of CereCore.



Corporate Stationery

Our corporate rebranding package includes the design of a custom stationery suite that equips personnel to communicate professionally. For CereCore, we created a simple, but impactful letterhead and matching notecard, which would both fit inside the same no.10 envelope. We also designed a business card that was both bold and modern to further convey the brand. The business card design implemented the rich navy of the brand, while highlighting key information with bright blue and yellow tones and setting apart the brand new URL in a tag at the base of the card.

On all pieces, the plus-sign icon took center stage, providing our clients a platform for talking about their unique contribution to their industry.


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<h2>Marketing Materials + Strategy</h2>
<p>We implemented the newly designed image into the organization’s key marketing materials to provide them with a strong foundation for switching over to the new brand. In all of the pieces, we utilized a consistent color palette that brought the visual direction to life in a tangible manner. Not only did we put our graphic design skills to use, but we brought a strategic consulting element to the table, analyzing the goal of each piece and adjusting the information presented to assure the goal was met.</p>
<p>We used navy with pops of bright yellow and clear, simple sans serif fonts to create compelling and professional support. In our design of the marketing collateral, our goal was to create pieces that could be updated easily by the internal marketing director. This impacted the design of the materials, as we worked systematically and strategically through the development of the collateral to ensure that all of the work would be easily editable.</p>
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<h2>Case Study Template</h2>
<p>We started with the design of a Case Study template. A keen understanding of our client’s needs from a marketing perspective uniquely equips us to develop pieces that are not only pretty, but also accomplish the goal at hand. For the Case Study template, it was important for us to lay the information out in a manner that would allow CereCore to impress potential clients. This meant that the info had to be thorough, but easy to digest. We used color blocking to pull out key text, and a system of font hierarchy to allow the reader to easily maneuver through the piece. Further, icons were implemented to bring the user to pertinent information quickly, and to allow the reader to simply understand what information was being conveyed.</p>
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Corporate Healthcare Branding Website Design

Typically, as part of our corporate rebranding package, our team designs and develops a custom WordPress website as part of the project. However, in this case, the RFP stated that the client would have their internal team build the new website. We would do the design, and pass it off to the CereCore team to develop.

Additionally, we would usually start a website project with our wireframe process, which allows us to strategically map out the user experience. However, at the request of the client, we started with an audit of the existing website. Here, we assessed what was working well, what type of content needed to remain, and what the most important calls to action were for the website.

We then moved right into design, implementing a revised structure and completely updated user interface that put the new brand on display.

Part of the revised structure included simplified header navigation. A stacked menu in the header put key calls to action in the valuable top-right real estate, but then allowed users to easily access information about the four main service lines just below the primary header. Career and blog links were placed in a bar above the header to allow for visibility without distracting the user from the main calls to action.

We then aligned the design with the rest of the brand elements. We used modern imagery that was appealing and relevant to their industry, and copy that was simple and straightforward. Additionally, the website was designed from a mobile-first perspective, and we dictated that the design should be developed to be fully responsive on various screen sizes.

A compelling headline over a large image that has some emotional impact tells the user within 2 seconds flat what the company is committed to, and key services set apart by color blocking and iconography quickly convey what you can expect from the firm. As the user scrolls past the services, the company’s expertise is highlighted by case studies that are positioned to reinforce CereCore’s standing as a thought-leader, while providing additional information to those who seek details.

Testimonials and links to key content were strategically placed throughout the site, and opportunities for the user to connect with CereCore abound. Overall, the website is an important sales tool, and should be treated as such. The CereCore site is now a lead generating machine, and our clients were able to implement the design on their URL with our guidance.



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Corporate Healthcare Branding Standard Guide

Finally, we provided our client with a guide of brand standards as a document that included all colors, fonts, headers, subheads, body copy, paragraphs, pullouts, callouts, imagery, headers, footers and more to be used as a guide to protect the integrity of the CereCore brand throughout all of their marketing materials.



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