Top Three Logos from Nice Branding Agency

If you think about it, a logo design is a lot like a wedding ring: it stands for something important in a concise way. It’s one symbol that represents all of the complexities of something else. A relationship represented in a ring.

In the same way, a creative logo is designed to represent all of the unique strengths of a brand. Just as a ring represents how official a marriage is, a great logo represents how professional your brand is.

At Nice Branding Agency, when we create a logo design, we do some digging first. We probe to get to the heart of your organization. And then we design a mark that represents you.

At Nice Branding Agency, our team specializes in branding. We love creating unique icons, paired with strategic logo type and carefully-chosen colors to represent organizations.

To show off our stuff, we’ve selected three of our favorite “Nicely” designed logos to demonstrate our process and showcase how a brand mark can truly represent who you are.

Top Logo Design #1: ES Global

ES Global, based in San Francisco, is a company that builds connections between US brands and Korean vendors. For the most part, they help family-focused US brands to get their products placed into Korean stores.

ES Global trusted Nice to build their brand into a global identity that would represent them in a concise, compelling manner to their partners.

When we created the logo design, we combined meaningful elements to produce a mark that would represent who the company is and what makes them stand out.

Here are some of the aspects that are unique to ES Global (don’t worry, we’ll connect the dots here):

ES Global is located in San Francisco, which is in close proximity to both US clients and the coast. This makes it easier for them to connect with their Korean market across the Pacific.

At the time of this post, the company specifically works with brands that are targeted toward families with small children, and they primarily work in the Korean market.

Their focus is what really sets them apart. Both the location of their headquarters, and their niche market, are two elements we have represented in the logo. However, we didn’t want to create a design that would limit the growth of the company. Tricky, tricky.

To achieve our goal, we included a big, bold reference to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a trademark of San Francisco. The red bridge reference also creates the shape of a smile, and the posts of the ‘bridge’ form the outline of two people holding hands. Bright, happy colors we used in the logo design to reflect the uplifting vibe of the brand, introducing an energy that is modern and associates with a family-friendly market.

logo design

The Final Design

In the final design, the icons, typeface and color palette come together to create an ideal visual representation of the company.

The logo design works so well because although it is in line with the clients that ES Global represents: happy, family-focused brands, it doesn’t lock them into only being able to sell those kinds of products.

For example, supported by the brand our team created, ES Global can work with food providers, clothing retailers, service providers, and more. They don’t always have to partner with family friendly companies, and they don’t have to stick with San Francisco as their headquarters. However, the logo will always pay homage to their origins. There will always be relevant meaning behind the logo, even if it’s only the key leaders that know the underlying reasoning.

Another important aspect of the ES Global logo design is the logo type. In this logo, we used a symbol somewhat like the caret icon in place of the “A” in the word “Global.” The symbol points directly to the logo icon and is indicative of upward movement. This further emphasizes the organization’s ability to expand into other markets. See how every little element plays a part? Nothing is accidental or overlooked during a logo design project.

logo design

The thought behind the creation of the complete logo and the development of a strong icon sets the entire brand up for future success. As the logo and icon become more recognizable, ES Global should be able to allow the icon to stand alone as a representation of the brand. You know, in the same way that the Nike swoosh and the Starbucks siren exist on their own.

logo design

One down, two to go.

Top Logo Design #2: Masala Wok

Masala Wok was founded in 2003 with locations in Texas and Virginia. The goal of restaurateur and true “Nice” guy, Pramod Prodduturi was to bring Indian and Asian food into the fast-casual US market. When Masala Wok looked to expand into new locations, they contacted Nice Branding Agency for a restaurant branding project to strengthen their brand and attract new, mainstream customers.

The Masala Wok brand is based around the marrying of the cultures of Indian and Asian food. The restaurant uniquely offers both of the two different cuisines, so it was important that we showcased this aspect of their operations in the logo design.

Because Masala Wok is in the American fast-casual market, we needed a final logo design that would represent who they are but would still be interesting and impactful for the average customer. The logo needed to be modern, meaningful and memorable.

Starting the Logo Design Project

To start the logo design project, we got to work developing an icon that would represent both the Indian and Asian culture. We based the icon around an elephant that would essentially become the mascot of Masala Wok. The final elephant design incorporates an animal that is revered in India and indicative of the Indian culture. We named the elephant Flame, after his flame-shaped trunk. Here’s where we bring in the Asian component. The flame represents the wok, which is used in the preparation of Asian cuisine. See how it all comes together? We likey.

logo design

Next, we developed a color palette that was representative of the culture of the food. Rich and bold jewel tones were incorporated in colors that were inviting and warm. Throughout the brand, we used the colors red and yellow to categorize Asian items on the menu. And the colors orange and blue to showcase Indian items. We considered the colors we utilized in the logo and how they would impact the brand overall.

logo design

The full logo includes the words “Indian + Asian Fare.” Including a tagline of sorts in the logo serves to build an expectation in the viewer for what Masala Wok is. Since the restaurant provides somewhat of a new take on Indian and Asian cuisine, the tagline educates the customer about the offerings. The final logo files include versions with and without the tagline.

logo design

And just like that, those are our top two. On to number three.

Top Logo Design #3: Alltrust

Alltrust Insurance is a corporate insurance agency. They specialize in employee benefits with a unique culture and priority placed on people. When Alltrust reached out to us at Nice Branding Agency, the organization had already been through multiple rebrands. They were now looking for us to get to the heart of who they are and convey it in their branding.

As we worked on their rebranding project, we realized that their focus on people was what truly set them apart. We assessed their business, digging deep into their industry, current practices and future goals. Then, we developed a mantra for their brand— “People. Our People. Your People. Their People.”

Representing Culture Through Logo Design

Representing the Alltrust culture in their logo design was our next challenge. To accomplish this, we created a design focused on fingerprints. We utilized various fingerprints in a multitude of colors to form an icon. The design conveys the idea that people are what make Alltrust unique. The fingerprints coming together and overlapping represent the culture of the company. The fingerprints also signify that the company’s core services are people-focused. Additionally, the icon as a whole resembles a treetop. This symbolizes the deep roots of knowledge that the Alltrust organization possesses.

logo design

Again, this icon is a powerful brand mark. It represents the heart of the company: what sets them apart became their brand mark through logo design.

logo design

We could go on and on about these logos and the others we’ve created for our clients. But we will leave you here with some thoughts.

A company’s logo is a foundational brand element. Getting it right sets the tone for the entire brand. Your logo isn’t everything, but it should be able to represent what you’re about.

At Nice Branding Agency, we have a proven process for logo design. Our team of branding experts, graphic designers and strategists work together. We get to the heart of your story and bring it out in your logo design project.

If you are looking for an agency with experience translating your business into a strong brand, send us a message and let us get started. We would love to work with you.