Why Hire a Graphic Design Company?

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Why do you need a graphic design company? Well, there definitely are things you can get away with DIY-ing without a trained professional. Like painting your house, filing your taxes, or even planning your wedding if you’ve really got it together. But some things just shouldn’t be done without someone who really knows what’s up. Like heart surgery, haircuts, and, um, graphic design.

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t factor in the need for a design budget. This ends up being costly for companies in the long run. It can also become detrimental to the branding that was established.

No matter how great your company is, it can’t speak for itself. You've got to communicate a clear message and a positive brand personality. It requires the work of a solid graphic design company to bring this clarity and brand recognition to every one of your existing customers and potential customers.

So, even if you have a small budget, using it toward the design of your brand is going to get you so much farther than you might even imagine.

In a recent blog post, we told the story of the impact good graphic design made for one of our clients. When we worked with Valeo's Pizza, we started by setting a firm foundation. Before we worked on big branding projects, we knew we had to nail down the restaurant's main design elements. So, we began with logo design. Then, we dove into every aspect of restaurant branding. This included the environmental design, website design, and printed marketing collateral.

The strength of the whole project (Dare we say the success of the entire restaurant?! OK, maybe we’re being dramatic here…) was dependent upon the quality of those first design elements. Without those initial design elements, we wouldn’t have been able to create a clear vision for the rest of the brand. And since Nice Branding Agency is also a graphic design company, we were able to create super strong designs for those first pieces.

What Does a Good Graphic Design Company Bring to the Table?

So, first we’ll hash out what a designer is. A designer is responsible for so much more than making something look good. Design would be such an easy job if all that went into it was creating attractive graphics. But, a good designer is strategic. Designers are problem-solvers who put the reality of your market, the personality of your company, and the prevailing trends all into one design.

Graphic designers use that wide range of skills to handle a variety of tasks. These include creating things for print, online, interiors, and more. And even creating these things requires strategy. When we create an online email signature and business card, we've to do do some thinking. Even though the two are similar in function, they are very different in form, and a designer knows the particularities of making both effective for your brand.


Great graphic design will enhance what you already have. If you have an awesome business, a designer can assemble your brand an appealing manner. And when something is appealing, it attracts. And isn’t that what we’re trying to do here?

Great design is also the quickest way to communicate to your customers that you're good at what you do. The attention you pay to the design of your customer -facing pieces will help you nail every first impression. It will also compellingly convey the message you’re trying to get across.

Solid design like this will make you look professional. You'll demonstrate credibility, take advantage of trends that benefit you, and make you stand out from your competition. Yes, great design is all that and a bag of chips. Do people even say that anymore?

The cost you pay up front for great design from a graphic design company is worth it in the end, because quality design has longevity.


This brings us to clarity. Hiring a graphic design company is your best shot at communicating a clear message to your clients. Have the words “It’s kind of hard to explain” ever been uttered by you or your clients or your team members when referring to your business? Yeah, no bueno.

Through good design, aspects of your business that might have seemed cloudy will be clarified, both for your internal team and for your target customer or client.

It is the job of a designer to research your business well enough to create graphics that will break down your values and help you explain your company better. By making your values prominent through design, your brand’s personality will be easily understood by current and potential customers.

Hiring a graphic design company keeps you from hiring in-house designers. This can help save costs for your company and ensure the consistency of your brand. If you don’t have the time to keep training a creative team on your corporate branding policy, hiring an outside firm is a great option. Plus, a design agency is willing to dedicate 100% of their energy to keeping your brand consistent so your message is always clear.


A distinct design will be unique and memorable to your clients, which is a huge factor in gaining brand loyalty. A smart, memorable brand becomes timeless as it continually beats out the competition and brings in the business. It takes quality graphic design to create a logo with longevity that will cater to your clients who will remember how great you are and keep coming back for more.

We’ve run down the reasons to hire a branding agency before, but they start to be really clear when we talk about graphic design. A branding agency can guide the branding and marketing process from design and development all the way through marketing.

At Nice Branding Agency, our daily routine is perfecting designs for our clients. We would love to talk with you about how we can use our skills as a graphic design company for you.