Three Things Your Email Signature is Missing

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

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These days, an email signature is almost as important as a business card. Did you know that there are more than 269 billion emails expected to be sent and received each day throughout the world by the end of 2017? You can probably relate, as you may be doing business with people throughout your state, across the country, and maybe even worldwide. These people may never get ahold of your business card, but they sure as sugar will see your email signature. An email signature won’t break you, but it certainly could be a contributing factor to making you. Or at least making you appear like you have your ducks in a row. A well-designed email signature provides the recipient of your carefully crafted email message with a glimpse into your professionalism and encourages them to want to learn more. There are so many directions you can take your signature, but the best sign-offs are simple, branded, and clickable. I think we all know that your email signature should feature your name, title, company, and contact information, so we’ll skip to the good stuff. Here are three things your email signature might be missing:


Including your logo in your signature is a no-brainer. Having your brand mark take center stage allows the viewer to start associating with your brand through your communication. Brand recognition is key, and including your logo and brand elements within the signature block for all of your employees ensures that your brand is being brought to the forefront for all who receive the hundreds of emails that come and go from your employees’ inboxes. A well-branded signature also provides viewers with a point of reference and (hopefully) sets them at ease knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and well-established business. It legitimizes your team and company, and provides a subconscious level of comfort to potential clients, customers, vendors, and partners. Keep in mind that slapping your logo into the signature block and calling it a day isn’t quite enough. You’ve got to make sure that your signature is built with branded elements that work well together and create a cohesive look and feel.


Speaking of branded elements, including your social icons within your email signature provides recipients with a quick method for referencing “who you really are.” As we all know, visiting the social pages of a business gives you a glimpse into the overall culture of the firm as well as information about their offerings. Having your social icons present in your signature lets the people who receive your emails know that you’re so much more than what’s contained in the message they’ve just received. Again, the same principle applies. Don’t go to Google and find any old, random social icons and insert them into the signature block in your email client. Have a good graphic designer create icons in your brand colors and insert them into a design that is professional and pleasing to the eye. If you’re not sure where to turn for this, we know a few girls who can help out (wink, wink).


Now that the pertinent deets in your email signature are paired with your logo and social icons, it’s time to put this puppy to work. You can bet your bottom dollar that getting clicks is one step toward getting conversions. Let’s put it this way: when people click to your website or social pages, they’re indicating that they’re interested in what you have to offer. And if they like what they see, they might be converted from a browser to a buyer. So, if your website and social accounts are on point, you might just get yourself a lead straight from your email signature. If you're questioning whether you really want people clicking to your website or social pages, stop here and give us a call. No, really. There’s really no time to waste, so contact us and we can get you spiffed up. Website, social, email signature and all. For those of you who are ready and willing to receive the clicks, read on. When you insert your logo into the email signature block in your email client, you will have the option to insert a link. We would generally recommend linking this to your homepage. Obviously, once the social icons are in place, those should each be linked separately to your individual social pages. You can also include a link to your blog, buttons to subscribe to your email list, and/or a link to leave an online review. Remember, links can get spammy, so make sure that the links you’re including are relevant and kept to a minimum. We hope that this quick guide upped your email signature game, but if you’re left scratching your head wondering how to make this happen, then don’t fret. We design email signatures for our clients on the reg without breaking a sweat. Send us an email today so we can see just what you’re working with, and we’ll get your signature sorted out for you.