Why Do I Need Website Maintenance for My WordPress Website?

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We recommend getting regular, monthly maintenance on your website from your website design company, Nashville. Your website needs maintenance just like your car does. Checkups every so often keep your WordPress site performing well, up-to-date and secure. Here are our top reasons to make sure you have a regular maintenance plan for your site from a company experienced in WordPress websites (hint: Nice Branding Agency).

Maintenance Keeps Your Site Secure

Vulnerable or broken code is easier for hackers to get a hold of than more updated, secure sites. Regular maintenance to your security and your site as a whole can keep your website protected. Security plugins should be updated regularly so they can be as effective as possible.

Regular Maintenance Improves the Speed of Your Site

The speed of your site is a really important factor in your SEO. Quicker page speeds improve the UX of your site; pages with longer loading times tend to have higher bounce rates because people click away instead of waiting for your page to load. Additionally, slow page speeds mean that search engines take longer to crawl your site, which can negatively affect your indexing. Regular updates to your theme and plugins will solve performance issues and improve the speed of your site (one of the main goals of the developers working on the updates). Even one outdated plugin can seriously slow your site speed.

Avoid Glitches to Improve UX

Your website is the driving force behind your online branding and marketing, so don’t let glitches ruin your pages! Outdated versions of WordPress can grow glitches just like attics get cobwebs over time. Visitors to your site don’t want to deal with broken links, 404 errors, and missing images. These little unexplained frustrations can add up, so update your site and don’t let them decrease your traffic. Regular maintenance solves these issues before your visitors have a chance to encounter them, keeping your UX top-notch and your site’s pages working just as they are supposed to.

Avoid Bugs

Updates to the WordPress core, your theme, and all your plugins can help you avoid bugs that affect your site’s performance as a whole. Developers are always working to find and fix bugs, so regular updates keep your site performing as well as possible.

Update + Backup to Keep a Safe Copy of Your Site

WordPress websites should be regularly maintained so that your monthly backups are as updated as possible in case you need to revert your site to a saved version. Your backups include the database, files, and images that are on your site. Updated site backups protect your WordPress site from anything that happens to your website’s host or your website itself. Monthly backups are part of a regular maintenance schedule by a website design company, Nashville.

Safe Website Changes

A website design company, Nashville, can make safe changes to your website. If you’re ever trying to make fixes in your code that you aren’t 100% confident in, you can ask us to make the updates you need. If you do make a mistake while you’re editing your site, having a maintenance company means we can revert to the backup that we keep for you, so you’re always protected.


Regular site updates in addition to regular maintenance are a key factor to your SEO. New content boosts your SEO. Sites with old content rank lower than sites with new content. For example, Google checks to see if your page was recently updated to determine if it’s worth crawling again. If your pages aren’t being updated regularly by your website design company, Nashville, more recently updated sites will beat out yours in rankings.

Maintain Your Brand

A badly maintained site just doesn’t represent your brand well. Broken pages and outdated information can make you look outdated, too. A website maintenance company can make sure that your website is a great reflection of your brand.

Need a Website Design Company, Nashville?

Is your site being regularly maintained? If not, it’s time to jump on board with a website design company, Nashville, that can handle your maintenance and keep your site up to date. Give us a call if your site could use a little love.