Hello 2017 | Let’s Get Trendy With the Top January Trends

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Guess what time it is . . . it’s trend time! That’s right, your friendly Nice Girls comin’ at you with the January trends, as well as expected trends for the whole of 2017. Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of good stuff for y’all, from social media predictions to the latest tech rumors and fashionable styles. We hope you get what you need from this experience, and we promise you won’t regret it!

Apple Rumors

We have all come to expect, and perhaps look forward to, all the juicy gossip about the next iPhone at the start of the new year. Typically, there are leaks regarding the next release within weeks after the previous release! So it’s no surprise that the iPhone 8 rumors (or iPhone X in honor of Apple’s 10th anniversary) are already circulating like wildfire. So far, the most popular ones relate to the screen size and edge. The predicted OLED screen (better colors, less backlight) will extend over a curved edge, and Apple could be saying goodbye to the home button. Wait, what? That brings up the question regarding whether the fingerprint ID will continue. Don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to finding out the truth, hopefully in the near future!

(ATTN: Below is an image of a rumored mockup, not the actual prototype!)iPhone 8 Image credits: Judo

Social Media and Digital Trends in 2017

Many of you may have noticed the growing popularity of AI technology. AI, as in artificial intelligence, is gaining a lot of momentum in the tech world (Amazon Echo, Google Home), as well as in the social media sphere. You know those Snapchat filters that everyone obsesses over? Yeah, that is artificial intelligence, believe it or not (called AI lenses)! They are so popular that Facebook is already working on its version of them for its mobile interface. Anyone else sense a social media revolution in the near future? Another side of that same coin are chatbots, a form of automated customer service that is building in usage, particularly in Facebook Messenger. These chatbots are a form of automated technology similar to AI (basically the same thing, to be honest) that understand context and modern language better than ever before. In fact, we are slowly starting to see automated everything, even in business marketing, which at face value seems to improve efficiency and productivity — but what about interpersonal communication? Many are worried about the future state of relationships of any kind with this trend gaining traction.

3 Design Trends for 2017

This is for all you artists and designers out there. Adobe Creative Cloud just released their design trends for 2017. There are three we think we can definitely stand behind. First and foremost, vibrancy in color and boldness in typography are going to take center stage. We’re going to see vivid color palettes, duotone hues, and bold gradients in 2017. Additionally, text is no longer just text. The font you choose evokes a feeling for the viewer and helps build your brand personality. Typography isn’t something to play with. There’s the good, but there’s also the bad, and let’s not forget the ugly. Keep pairing those fonts, people. Wondering what your colors are saying? Check out our Color Psychology blog to learn more than you ever wanted to know about color! Sharpen your pencils for this next one. Custom or tailored illustrations will become very popular in 2017. They have the ability to be just what they say they are — custom. Being that they are developed from scratch, they have the ability to capture the brand personality and the brand voice with simplicity and ease. The visual language provided also offers the viewer clarity in message or offerings, which we all know is key. design trends Image credits: Medium Long or infinite scrolling online is the last big trend we believe we will continue to see throughout 2017. Combine that with the joyous effect of parallax scrolling, and you’ve got your last design trend for 2017. Those long websites that just scroll on forever and ever, or those Pinterest feeds that we can get lost in for days — yep, get used to it because there’s gonna be more and more of them. Clicking is for losers. Scrolling is for winners. NICE NOTE: The parallax technique allows the background and foreground content to scroll at different speeds, creating this eye pleasing illusion of depth. Parallax, if implemented well, turns out to be a visual treat — calorie free. We think that we will stick with being designers in 2017, but 2018 is still up for debate.Design Trends Image credits: Fjord Trend

The Rise of Micro-Clanning

Say what!?! Micro-clanning is a new term coined by the known futurist Faith Popcorn in the recent weeks. Micro-clanning has been defined as the “creation of more intimate groups of friends based on similar beliefs.” It is likely easy to see the reality of this trend, particularly in this hyper-digital era. People really only follow other people/groups/companies/trends that align with their own thoughts, beliefs, and actions, ultimately “cocooning” themselves from the rest of the world. Many websites and apps these days are targeting that exact trend by being created for the purpose of connecting like-minded people. Odds are, this trend will only continue to build — whether it’s a good or a bad thing is up to you to decide.

Recommendations in Facebook

On a bit of a lighter note, Facebook has now released the Recommendations tool! This is meant to make it easier for people to find places, events, services, and things to do by asking their general Facebook community (via status update) for recommendations. Many of you have probably seen this feature and may even be using it; however, there’s one more little thing that can skyrocket efficiency here. There are these easy-peasy call-to-action buttons that make it possible to buy tickets to those recommended events or contact the recommended businesses. Everything you need is right there in that status! Anything that saves time, we like. Give it a shot! Facebook Trends Image credits: VentureBeat

Latest Fashion Advice

As an agency consisting of primarily women, of course we are all smiles over this trend! Two of the many new fashion styles in 2017 include oversized sweatshirts and floral-printed {workout} leggings. Oversized sweatshirts are the new way to stay cozy and comfy while also giving off a cute and fun vibe — best of both worlds! Fashion Trend Image credits: Pinterest As for working out, any way to make it more exciting, motivating, and encouraging is a plus for us women. Why not floral? d86fa7f904c18e1e85872743306eaedc Image credits: Pinterest

New-Age Makeup Tools

Ok, so we know this is another “girly” thing, but it’s actually quite interesting! A makeup company called Molly Cosmetics has created a brand-new, futuristic blending tool . . . made out of silicone! This funky-shaped tool supposedly allows for more efficient blending, as it does not soak up the moisture of any “wet” cosmetics, such as liquid foundation, concealers, cream blushes, etc. Basically, this means that you would need to use about half of the product that you normally would, as the “Silisponge” doesn’t hoard all the product like other sponges do. In addition, it’s much more durable and has an easy cleanup, with only water and a bit of soap needed. Though it looks a bit strange and unfamiliar, it may be worth a try! Beauty TrendImage credits: SELF Welp. There you have it. Go out and get trendy! Have a question or even a trend to share? Let us know! We would love to hear from you!