Text Message Marketing vs. Email Marketing

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So, we know, you were just sitting there thinking, should I use text message marketing (SMS marketing) or email marketing to communicate my next promotion? Well, we were just kind of sitting here thinking that you should totally use text message marketing, and here’s one single, super-simple reason why text message marketing is trumping email marketing RIGHT NOW. Raise your hand if you get 4,000 promotional emails a day. Yeah, our hands are raised high. However, because of our fancy email service, better known as Gmail, we are able to filter these gobs of emails into what appears to be a “promotional” inbox. Some people might have something better known as “spam”’ or other filters set up to help sort incoming emails. They aren’t cluttering up our inbox, and they aren’t accounted for in our inbox “unread” count. The long and short of it is there are established and popular ways that allow a user to see promotional emails when we want to see promotional emails and hide them when we don’t — and there’s nothing you can do about that. We know, you thought this blog post was about text message marketing right? Hang with us — this is the key that sets SMS marketing above email marketing right now. When you receive a text, let’s say on an iPhone, your text icon typically gets a little number in the top right corner, indicating the number of unread texts you have that are just longing to be read. Whether that be a promotional text or a text message from a real contact, let’s say Mom or the Hubs, they are all accounted for in that one little number that you see the second you unlock your phone. To make that number go down to zero, you must actually open or delete each and every text message within your text feed. Although you may not have to open the text message, which is ideal, you do have to view the preview to delete it. Bada Bing Bada Boom. Your marketing text will receive, at a minimum, one to two seconds of view time from your target recipient.
A LITTLE NICE ADVICE: Dependent on user settings, you’ve got very few words in the text preview to compel a user to open your text message and read more. Get creative and think that through.
Right now, with your general text message platform, as is with many email platforms, there’s no filtering method available. There’s no way for a user to not at least see the promotional text preview for a second or two. When compared to email marketing, this one piece of leverage propels text message marketing to the clear winner when comparing the two.

Does Text Message Marketing Win?

So, text message marketing — could it be for you? Nice Branding Agency would be thrilled to discuss the options with you further. Give us a call now at 863-688-3434 or email us at holla@brandnicely.com. And in closing, all we have to say is you better hurry before someone builds an app for that (text message filtering, that is).