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Why is it beneficial for my business to be on social media? Believe it or not, this is a question we often get from new and prospective clients. Our response is loaded with a variety of answers, but our social media management services are uniquely crafted to build your brand on social media — not just to see one of your videos go viral (#impossiblegoal). Branding is our bread and butter, and Nice Branding Agency’s team of branding queens are passionate and skilled at ensuring all of your customer touchpoints are branded to a T, including your social media posts. You may think you’ve got your social media postings under control. However, we’re going to break it down. We'll tell you why and how our social media management packages can bring in more customers and build credibility and awareness surrounding your biz.

Social Media Management | People Are Checking You Out

Back in the day (well, not that long ago), people turned to newspapers, phone books, and good old word-of-mouth to make their decisions on which businesses they were going to use for their needs. Word-of-mouth is always going to be a valuable tactic to promote your business. However, the majority of people have traded in their phone books and are now utilizing the interwebs to research businesses. Some people are going to go to your website first to check you out (shameless plug: we can build you a killer website). However, others are typing your business’ name straight into the search bar on Facebook or Instagram. How are customers perceiving your business when they look at your social media accounts? Does your social presence present you in a way that is professional where you look like a legit organization?

Social Media Management | Strategy

Literally nothing is going to kill your vibe or reputation quite like an unbranded social media account with no strategy behind your posts. Going to Google or Pinterest and saving random images that you think customers will like (i.e., pictures of puppies and flowery quotes) isn’t going to build your business. That’s a poor use of your time and resources, and these posts are likely driving customers away. Plus, it’s illegal to use images you don’t own, yo. Also, people often forget the importance of a well-crafted caption. How are you positioning your company’s values, messages, and services through words? When you have typos in your posts, incoherent sentences, and a thousand exclamation points in one social caption, your customers certainly aren’t going to take you seriously. According to RetailDrive’s 2017 report, 72% of millennials report buying fashion, beauty, or style-related purchases after seeing it on Instagram. Even if you’re not in the fashion industry, this statistic should light a fire under you. Purchasing decisions are being influenced by social media. Your brand is being looked at, whether you like it or not. But guess what? You have the power to craft your brand story. You can lead customers through a positive brand experience on your social media accounts.

Social Media Management | Let’s Build Your Brand on Social

When investing in social media management by partnering with a company like Nice Branding Agency, you’re investing in your brand image. Our team of strategists and designers know how to create meaningful content. This content can help you achieve countless goals for your business. A branded social media presence can engage or propel customers’ decisions, let your brand’s personality shine, and build meaningful relationships with consumers. And you may be asking what does a branded social media presence look like? It includes seeing your brand’s voice shine through your post captions. And utilizing consistent colors, images, fonts, and logos that are predetermined when your brand is built. It’s all about consistency, and branding and digital experts can help you solve this piece of the puzzle. If you’re ready to begin influencing existing, new, and potential customers through your social media, then contact us today, and we’ll start strategizing on how we can strengthen your brand message and image on social media.