What Are Reasons to Rebrand When Your Company is Making Money?

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Ok, here we are: reasons to rebrand. We’re talking about rebranding to people who probably have a brand in place. And ideally, you’re killing it right now. Go, you. So, you might think that this post isn’t really for you. Well, think again, my friend. Today we are making a plea to you to rebrand when you’re at your peak. We get calls left and right from folks hoping that we have the golden ticket. Sales are down, business is lacking, and they are putting all of their remaining eggs in the branding basket. Listen, people. That’s a ton of pressure to put on one initiative. Sure, a rebrand will generate interest and reinvigorate your team. But, banking on a rebrand to turn around an entire sinking ship isn’t the best option. Now, let me back up here. A rebrand as a last-ditch effort isn’t quite as risky as a Hail Mary in the fourth quarter. There are tons of benefits to branding as a method for breathing new life into your business. But today, we are here to talk about the reasons to rebrand when you’re on top.

Reasons to Rebrand | You’ve Got the Funds

One of the first, and most obvious, reasons to rebrand when you’re doing well is that you have the money to make it happen. We don’t like to take anyone’s last dollar. Seriously. As mentioned above, that really puts us in a pressure cooker. Also, when your business isn’t doing all that well, you’re less likely to be able to invest what it takes to do the job right. When a business is using branding to get out of the hole, they are often tight with the funds. Which means we end up having to skimp on our projects or processes, and the end result is just a tidbit shy of what we would really like it to be. Now, does that mean that the company isn’t better off because of what we did? Absolutely not. The organization will most certainly be better positioned through foundational branding to take on the market as a result of the rebrand. All we’re saying is that it’s most effective when the process is engaged in as intended. No cutting corners based on budget.

Reasons to Rebrand | It’s More Fun

When the whole apple cart is riding on the rebrand, the process is pressurized. You can’t let loose and envision all that your brand could be as part of our creative process. Instead, you can get caught up in over-analyzing and nitpicking. When you’re high-flying and doing well, you are more free to really engage in the process and enjoy it. You’re more likely to take risks creatively and to embrace change. Plus, we will be able to run through the development of the brand properly, assuming that you’ve signed on for the rebrand project as a whole. And not just pieces of the process.

Reasons to Rebrand | You’re Being Proactive

Looking at rebranding as an effort to remain on the leading edge of your industry is a much better approach than using the rebrand as a reactionary tool. If you look at companies like Starbucks, FedEx, Aldi, and Dropbox, and other similar organizations, you’ll see that they regularly release brand refreshes. This allows them to dictate the trends, rather than to simply fall in line. We would love our clients to do the same. We want you to come to us when you’re thriving, and allow us to refresh your narrative and visual direction so that it is 100% on-point with where you are as an organization. And, so that we can use your image to further put your success on display in your market. You want to lead out. Not follow the leader.

Reasons to Rebrand | You’re Able to Market It

This is a biggie. The rebrand is just one piece of the puzzle. Once the new elements are in place, it’s time to show them off. A brand launch communication strategy and possibly a marketing plan needs to be activated to inform and engage people in the new brand. There is going to be an investment of time and money into this effort. And if you’re struggling to survive, you might not have much of either. If you take on the rebrand at a time that’s financially and operationally sounder for your company, you will be able to spend the resources crafting and deploying messaging related to your new brand direction. Plus, you will be able to communicate authentically with excitement with your audience surrounding the update. We hope that this quick post sparked some excitement within you to engage in a brand refresh or a complete rebrand for your organization. Our rebranding process is proven, and the resulting new brand images breathe new purpose and passion into our clients’ businesses. If you’re ready to take a step in the rebranding direction, contact the Nice Girls today. We’re ready for ya. For inspo, head to our portfolio or follow along on instagram.