Product Promotion: 3 Ways to Demand Attention

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3 Ways to Demand Attention through Thoughtful Branding

Advertising what your business has to offer to potential customers may seem like a simple task. Tell them. Show them. Voila. However, it usually takes more than a few words or an interesting graphic to fully grab an audience’s attention. We were inspired by Coca-Cola’s latest product promotion and are sharing three ways in which you can demand that same kind of attention - maybe on a smaller scale - for your products or services.

Do Something Different.

Coca-Cola recently launched its miniature can product in Germany. Part of the marketing strategy by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin was to install mini kiosks in various spots around the city. The difference in this marketing strategy over traditional ones was that instead of just creating ads and commercials, the agency created a tangible, interactive product promotion that intersected with daily life and demanded attention. They thought creatively and weren’t afraid to act on unconventional ideas.

Make It Relate.

The details of the campaign were so in tune with the actual product, that the overall impact was huge. The kiosks included mini trash cans, mini tables, mini umbrellas and chairs, mini newspapers, mini coca-cola vending machines and other “mini” details. To tie in perfectly with the campaign, Ogilvy & Mather Berlin created the slogan “It’s the little things in life that makes us happy,” which reinforces the details of the product while using a catchy phrase to evoke emotion in potential customers.

Don’t Be Afraid.

You can imagine the thoughts that must have gone through the heads of Coke executives when Ogilvy & Mather Berlin pitched this idea. “You're nuts." "There’s no way we can make that happen." "Too many details." "Too hard." "Too much work.” Clients often react with hesitation when presented with concepts that are off the beaten path. But these risks are often the ones that bring the greatest rewards. In fact, Ogilvy & Mather Berlin won - and won big - with the “mini” product promotion. Watch the video to see the campaign in action.