Logo Design: The Meaning of Color

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

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Color can be very powerful when intelligently applied, especially as it relates to brand image or corporate logo design. The human psyche responds emotionally to color, and it can communicate to us on levels far removed from reason and intellect. Awareness of how color can trigger certain emotions will allow you to make educated decisions in selecting just the right color for your corporate brand.

Blue in Logo Design

Loyal . Peaceful . Trustworthy . Authority Blue stirs up images of authority, success and security. Most people can say they like at least one shade of blue. The most popular color in logo design, it can be seen extensively in government, medical and Fortune 500 company logos.

Pink in Logo Design

Romance . Love . Friendship . Soft Healthy, sweetness, feminine and childlike. Pink is the most romantic color. Pink is tranquilizing. Sports teams often paint the opponent locker rooms bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.

Orange in Logo Design

Enthusiasm . Energy . Play . Affordable Combining red and yellow’s attributes, it’s often used to draw attention. Find it used in logos to create playfulness, stimulate emotions or even appetites.

Yellow in Logo Design

Happy . Warm . Alert . Playful Brightness, sunlight and warmth. Cheery yet also mellow. Some shades signal caution, but yellow is also the color of inspiration, ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity. Highly visible, it’s often used in logo design to get attention, create happiness and warmth.

White in Logo Design

Pure . Clean . Youthful A purity of message clarity in simplicity. Overuse can be unsettling or off-putting. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility. It’s a neutral color that can imply purity in fashion and sterilization in the medical profession.

Gray in Logo Design

Stableness. Corporate . Practicality Neutral and cool, grey is often used for the type within logos because it is neutral and works well with most other colors.

Brown in Logo Design

Home . Hearth . Warmth . Natural Earthy, provides a feeling of permanence and stability. Although some associate brown with dirt and uncleanness, positive connotations can also be perceived in the rich browns of coffee and chocolate hues. Although considered a masculine color, it does have a strong appeal to women as well.

Green in Logo Design

Natural . Healthy . Plentiful . Crisp The color of life, representing nature. Soothing, sensuous and healing. Deeper tints can signify power and prestige, as in the color of money and green felt. You can often find it used in companies that want to portray themselves as eco-friendly.

Red in Logo Design

Passion . Excitement . Danger . Energy Vitality and passion, representing highly charged emotions ranging from danger and aggression to passion and love. Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is provocative and stimulating. Used in logo design to grip the viewer’s attention and has been known to make people hungry.

Purple in Logo Design

Royalty . Wise . Celebration Spiritual and sensual with a mystery and elegance, purple carries with it the associations of contemplation or regal majesty. Purple is a synergy of the simmering passion and excitement of red, with the cool serenity of blue. Find it in many education related and luxury product logos.

Black in Logo Design

Strength . Classic . Elegance . Tradition Sophistication now adorns the color once only associated with mourning or death. A “black tie” event is formal. A black belt in karate identifies an expert. Power. Elegant. Secretive. The color black can target your high-end market or be used in youth marketing to add mystery to your image. If you're company is looking to develop a corporate brand or a corporate logo, please contact Nice Branding Agency at 863.688.3434 or email us at holla@brandnicely.com.