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Hey, hi, hello — We are a logo design company, here to shed some light on the logo process. Are you starting a new business and needing a brand new logo? Or are you looking to update an established logo? Either way, it helps to know the process and deliverables ahead of time. When you know what to expect from us, you can understand what we expect from you.

Logo Design Company Deliverables | Discovery

Before you sign the dotted line, we’ll have reviewed your business with you, so we’ll already have a good handle on what it is that you do and what we need to convey with the logo. To ensure that we’re crystal clear on what your logo needs to incorporate and what you certainly would not want to see in the logo, we’ll have you complete a logo questionnaire. This form has been carefully crafted to pull out all of the additional information we need from you about your industry, competitors, and business. Referencing our notes from previous conversations and the information provided by you on the questionnaire, we’ll begin our process. This starts with an internal design kickoff. During this meeting, our creative director leads our team of designers in a brainstorming session where we determine a direction or multiple direction options for your logo project. We will also initiate internal research and will analyze successful brands in your industry.  We will assess industry design trends, making it a point to look at your competitors. Ultimately, it’s our goal to align your logo with industry standards while differentiating you from your competition. As a logo design company, we create logos that can stand the test of time. So, while we do assess the current trends and the climate of the industry, we’re also committed to creating something that’s timeless. Well, not timeless exactly, but something that should last you a good 10 years.

Logo Design Company Deliverables | Strategy

Keep in mind that you can trust the branding company you hired. Our job is to take your ideas and make them work. After all, sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture. At the end of the day, your logo is a foundational brand element. Getting it right means developing something that will help you achieve your goals — Not necessarily creating something that one key stakeholder likes. We’ll provide you with solid, strategic guidance on which direction to move in to advance your business. Remember that as a logo design company, we’re able to combine the extensive knowledge and experience of our entire team to come up with logo options that are certain to serve you well. The brainpower of multiple designers and brand strategists working together to advance your branding is what will ultimately result in a solid, memorable, and creative logo. When you work with a logo design company like Nice Branding Agency, you can expect our team to take a good hard look at the customer journey, your competitor analysis, and what your business is trying to accomplish. We will review your brand’s attributes, personality, goals and values, and determine how to use your brand to emphasize those characteristics. This strategy is what drives our design as we start creating your logo options. The strategy-backed design process is what we have used to create hundreds of logos. Our notable client list includes restaurants, healthcare companies, construction businesses and lifestyle brands.

Logo Design Company Deliverables | Design

Based on the strategy we’ve set out, we will then work to create several logo options for review. We start from scratch to craft truly custom logo options. Depending on the final applications of your logo, the development of an icon may or may not be useful for your brand. If your brand needs to be recognizable in difficult-to-see situations like on social media icons or on apparel, a well-designed icon can be useful. If an icon is needed to supplement your logo, we’ll provide you with that design during this process as well. Often, there are options that we develop that will never make it to the presentation table. Each member of our logo design company puts together several logo options. Then, we bring all options before our team and strategically select the best three to five that we think will serve you well for years to come. The process of paring down the options is ruthless. We don’t want anything going out the door with our name on it (well, actually your name on it) that we can’t get behind 100 percent. Options that are too trendy are trashed. Versions that are dangerously close to the competition are eliminated. And anything that doesn’t convey the unique value of your brand is discarded.

Logo Design Company Deliverables | Delivery

When your logo design options are completed, we will host a presentation. Here, we will share with you what we’ve developed. We will take a deep dive into the meaning and strategy behind each of the designs. During the presentation, we’d like you to provide feedback as a logo design company. Our goal for the meeting is for you to identify one direction to move forward with. You can start by eliminating the options that you’re certain are not for you. Then, you might be able to make an easy selection. Or, we need to work to revise an option to get it where it needs to be. You may really gravitate toward a font in one option and an icon in another. In some instances, we may be able to mix and match elements to craft a final version. Other times, our design experts will propose an alternate solution that will satisfy your concerns. We can also address color as we move along in the process, and our team can select color palettes that will resonate with your target, while aligning with industry standards. Our logo packages include a set number of revisions. This means we are cognizant to gather all of your feedback, so we make the most out of our time and your time, too. When all edits have been completed and your logo is refined, we will present you with the final design. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for — where you see “the one.” Upon final approval, we’ll create a complete set of logo files and will share them with you for safe keeping. The logo belongs to you now, and you’re free to do with it what you wish. When we send over your final logo files, you will receive a set of brand guidelines along with your logo set up in various color schemes in all of the appropriate file types.

Logo Design Company Deliverables | Next Steps

At this point, you’ll have a brand-spankin’-new logo. Next, it’s time to work on your brand support and sharing your new look with the world. As a logo design company, we can assist with other brand elements like website design and development, business cards, presentations, and brochures, to take your brand even further. Want to see some of the logos we’ve created for our clients? Check out our logo gallery page for samples of our logo design work. Reach out to us at Nice Branding Agency if you’re ready to get started on a logo design project. We would love to work with you.