The Hogwood BBQ Grand Opening

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

New BBQ Concept Retains Nice Branding Agency to Translate Their Inspiration

In the fall of 2017, Josh McBride contacted Nice Branding Agency to brand the BBQ concept that he and his team were bringing to Franklin. The final concept comes to life Thursday, May 3, at the Hogwood BBQ opening on Frazier Drive. The Hogwood BBQ concept is based on a catering business that originated in Crested Butte, Colorado, and was founded by Michael Marsee. Michael is a trained chef whose experience comes mostly from cooking refined, high-end cuisine in Dubai. His training and travels opened his eyes to a world of artistic preparation of food, locally sourced ingredients, and slow cooking and craftsmanship that seems to have fallen to the wayside. Marsee wanted to bring the soul back into BBQ with the infusion of flavor via orchard wood fire, temperature controlled cooking for consistency, quality ingredients and tradition. Hogwood BBQ is a spin on the tradition of BBQ with an updated palette and a mind for dietary trends and local food culture. McBride retained Nice Branding Agency to create the brand that would bring Hogwood BBQ to life. Nice Branding Agency was immediately drawn to the concept and felt that they could deliver a brand that would make an impact on the Franklin food scene. While Nice typically presents several potential brand directions to the client, the branding team proposed only one brand direction for Hogwood, as they felt so strongly about the direction that the brand needed to take to make it big in the Franklin market. The Nice Branding team presented the visual brand direction and brand story, and both were approved immediately. The final brand board included wood tones, industrial fixtures, and a unique lighting plan, along with the addition of the tiniest hint of a marigold/mustard color. Wanting to preserve the existing logo in homage to the catering company that started it all, McBride and his team trusted Nice Branding Agency to refresh the fonts and fine tune the original art to form the logo that now forms the base for the Hogwood brand. The brand support, including the environmental branding, website, restaurant materials, interior and exterior signage, and more was all completely crafted by the Nice Branding Agency team to address each customer touchpoint and create the cohesive and well-branded experience that now stands on Frazier Drive ready for opening weekend. Nice Branding Agency will be managing the Hogwood BBQ social media presence as the brand grows into the area and will continue to support Hogwood BBQ with graphic design.

About Hogwood BBQ

Bringing back the soul of BBQ, Hogwood opens this weekend in Franklin, Tennessee, to offer soul food to the area from the heart of a passionate chef, a project that has been in the works since the fall of 2017. The concept is based off of the thriving catering business, Hogwood, started by Michael Marsee in Crested Butte, Colorado.

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