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Social media is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It provides you with direct access to your target market, precisely where they are most comfortable: on their phone or behind the screen of their computer. Often, businesses find that they are unable to create social media posts that reflect their brand’s visuals and voice. Or, they are unable to build social posts that can engage their audiences on social channels. Many business owners or marketing leads simply lack the time to create quality, engaging social posts but don't have the budget to engage a social media company. If you're coming to realize that your social posts may not be bringing out your brand’s voice coherently or telling a compelling story, you need to consider buying a social pack from Nice Branding Agency, a social media company.

What is a Social Pack?

At Nice Branding Agency, we recognized the fact that business owners and marketing directors were struggling to keep their brands intact on social media. This was due to a lack of consistency in the timing of posts, as well as failure to apply brand standards to the posts that were being published. We realized that people needed posts that were custom-made, ready-to-roll, and on-brand that they could pull from to populate their pages, yet they didn't have the budget to engage a social media company on an ongoing basis. Thus, the Social Pack from Nice Branding Agency was born. A Social Pack is a set of social posts that you can publish on social media to create brand awareness, engage your audience, and perhaps sell to them. It is a set of 15 square graphics with captions that you can post on social channels along with a list of 15 brand hashtags to help people find these posts. The purpose of creating these Social Packs is to equip companies with a set of evergreen social posts that convey their attributes, offerings, positioning, and themes. While the Social Pack isn’t necessarily the answer to all of your social media needs, it does set you up with tools that will help build the brand organically on social media. social media company

What is Organic Social vs Paid Social?

Organic social is anything happening on social media without having paid promotion. If you post on your page and you do not put any funds behind the post to help boost it, you have created an organic post. Simply said, organic actions are non-ads. On the other hand, paid social is an action influenced by the money you pay to promote it. Paid social involves paying to display ads of whatever format – image, video, text, carousel, or paying to display sponsored messages to social users depending on the user profile, for example, demographic. In essence, paid social includes ads optimized for clicks, boosted posts, video ads, lead generation forms, and other objectives. A post within your news feed having a “Sponsored” tag is considered paid social. When a user “likes” the post, that action qualifies as a paid reaction.

Why Invest in Organic Social?

Ok, let’s go ahead and get this out in the open. Organic social media doesn’t result in any sort of return on investment to write home about. In fact, organic social is really more of a brand investment than a lead-generator. As you may or may not know, due to the algorithms used by social media platforms, people aren’t even guaranteed to see your posts — even if they’re a follower of your account. So, why invest the time and resources in a social media company to post on social media? Companies need to invest in organic social because it offers authenticity and complements advertising efforts. More importantly, organic social also fosters your creative voice, effectively engages communities, and helps with search engine optimization. Organic social offers brands an opportunity to showcase to their target customers who they are and not just what they are selling. restaurant social media company Using non-paid posts, brands are able to offer a genuine look into what defines them. The posts you place on social media can make a positive impression on potential customers who may be evaluating your brand. If you want to establish your brand’s creative voice, you can use organic social — it helps drive engagement. You can also use organic social posts to complement your social ads and paid social posts. Additionally, organic social can help build an engaged community. When you make various business updates on your social media regularly, and audiences see them, they begin to pay attention to your company or brand. They begin to learn about the company and leisurely become loyal to your brand. These organic posts even have the power to persuade a follower to start a conversation with you, via direct message. Also, when some of your followers interact with your brand on social media and their social contacts see them, in some way they have endorsed your brand. It’s better to have a small community that is engaged or interacts with your brand’s social channels than have hundreds of disengaged followers. Ultimately, the engaged community is able to build on itself in a way that ads cannot. Engaged followers can be your best brand advocates.

How Can Social Media Build the Brand?

When you post on social media, you begin to engage your audience. You are telling them what your business is all about. The posts you make tell a story about your business — the logo, images, and video posts help people visualize your business. Your fans, followers, and audience, in general, begin to talk about your business. Social media gives you a platform to start a conversation with your audience. The audience begins to understand your brand’s voice. All these connections create a perception of your business in the minds of people.

Why Buy a Social Pack?

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what a social media package, aka a Social Pack from Nice Branding Agency, a social media company, can do for you:


Whether or not you create your own social posts, consider buying a social media package by way of a Social Pack. A Social Pack will help elevate the existing content you have and create consistency in your feed. Sometimes, you may not have the time to create your own posts. Social Packs from your favorite social media agency allow you to have posts you can regularly post to your social channels to ensure your audience is always engaged.

Brand Voice

Social media can help establish and communicate your brand’s voice. You want to use social posts that have the voice and tone that resonates with your target audience. The demographics of your audience will help determine what brand voice you will use. And because social media can be used to tell your brand’s story, you need to ensure that you use the right brand voice. The language you use, the purpose of your posts, and your tone are all elements that bring out the voice of your brand. Social Packs are a great medium for defining and sharing that brand voice.


Hashtags help increase your social presence because they allow your content to be viewed by anyone who develops an interest in your hashtag. They go beyond just the followers you have. Hashtags help build a brand by engaging with the audience and joining the conversation. They help your brand gain more visibility, grow a larger audience, and generate new leads for your business. With a Social Pack, we will help you assemble a list of hashtags selected to attract your target audience.

Visual Alignment

Using Social Packs from the top social media company helps align the visuals on your social media with your brand’s visual direction. The images and graphics for each post are created with your brand fonts and colors. On-brand visuals aid in building your brand on your feed, where your in-the-moment posts may dismantle the brand if they aren't complemented by an infrastructure of well-designed squares. Social Packs give a cohesive visual direction of your brand so your audience begins to consistently see the attributes and features of your brand. If you are struggling with your social or if you don’t have the time to create your social posts or if your social posts are not showing a reflection of your brand, give us a call. We will help you redefine your social with our Social Packs.