Why Choose a Restaurant Branding Company?

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Nice Branding Agency is a restaurant branding company that specializes in developing unique, engaging brands for restaurants, and then weaving the brand throughout the customer experience. Once a partnership is formed, the creative restaurant marketing agency works hand in hand with the restaurant owner or operator to pinpoint what makes the company tick and to hone in on how diners can be engaged and impressed during their visit. Restaurant branding comes naturally to Founder and Creative Director Amy Dennis. When partnering with an existing or new restaurant, she and her team tackle all of the typical aspects of restaurant branding, while bringing in unique elements of environmental design that bring the brand to life, setting her clients apart from the competition.

In 2015, the Nice Branding team embarked on a branding journey with Indian and Asian food purveyor Masala Wok, and the branding project was recently featured by The Menu Shoppe. With locations in Texas and Virginia, Masala Wok had been in business for 10 years, yet they struggled to attract mainstream diners. Dennis and her team partnered with the architect and the founder to modernize the brand. They were hired to design two new stores that would carry the brand through every aspect of the business, from the logo and brand colors to the website and social media pages to the menus and menu boards. Furthermore, the creative team designed the physical environment of the restaurant, including the tables and seating, wall installations, flooring, and more. Masala Wok has more than reaped the benefits of their partnership with Nice Branding, and they have seen their website visits climb into the 4,000s, while obtaining over 8,000 new followers on social media.

Why Choose a Restaurant Branding Company?

When Nice Branding takes on a new client for restaurant branding, they consider all of the pieces of the puzzle, while keeping the company’s end goal in mind. No detail is too small, and the creative marketing team strives to hit every customer touchpoint, creating a cohesive experience and urging the customer to become a regular, raving fan — a brand ambassador, if you will!

A Message to Restaurant Owners:

Allow yourself to do what you do best, which is to focus on the food and create mouth-watering menus. Partner with Amy Dennis and the Nice Branding team to expertly showcase what your restaurant has to offer, while experiencing soaring success rates by making your brand desirable and accessible to your target market.

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