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Project Includes Menu Design For Domino’s Across Entire MENAP Market Alamar Foods, a master franchise operator of several franchises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Domino’s Magnolia Bakery and Dunkin Donuts, has on-boarded Nice Branding Agency to design menu layouts, a new company profile, and branded email templates. Ibrahem Alsuhaibani from Alamar Foods contacted Nice Branding Agency as menu design experts to create more compelling menus for their Domino’s stores. While the company has graphic designers on staff, they reached out to Nice Branding Agency in order to bring needed clarity to their ordering process. For example, the existing menus did not clearly present crust options, hindering the customer journey. Nice Branding Agency created three menu layout options for Alamar Foods to be tested throughout a select market. Results from a study on that market will determine which menu option is implemented across all of their markets. In addition to the menu designs presented, Nice Branding Agency designed a company profile presentation to solidify the purpose and goals of the brand, encompassing and consolidating their brand as a master franchise operator in multiple markets. As part of the brand consolidation, Nice Branding Agency created branded email templates for Alamar Foods to create cohesion throughout their communication. “Working with Alamar Foods was our first step into the Middle Eastern creative market,” said Amy Dennis, Creative Director at Nice Branding Agency. “It’s exciting to see our work needed and implemented into such a diversified company in a huge market.”

About Alamar Foods

Strategically located with headquarters in Saudi Arabia, Alamar foods is a master franchise operator for Domino’s in the MENAP (Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan) region with a solid position in the MENAP QSR industry. Rapidly expanding and diversifying in the last two decades, Alamar foods has built a solid platform as the master franchisee of the Domino’s brand. Today, it operates over 350 Domino's across 11 countries throughout the MENA and Pakistan region. Alamar foods established Premier Foods as a separate entity to support their retail division. Premier Foods produces an extensive range of processed products that export to 14 countries to supply more than 30 of the world’s international food brands. Together, the group employs a multicultural workforce of over 2,500 people.

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