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Whether you are business has been around for a while, or you’re in the beginning stages of launching a new company, it’s not uncommon for our logo design company Nashville to explain what the difference between a logo and a brand is. 

Unless you’re in the middle of the branding world, everything can seem muddled together.

After more than a decade of building brands, we wanted to share our insights on how to distinguish what your company’s brand is vs. how a logo design benefits your work.

The 411 on Logos

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To be short and simple, your logo is your brand mark. Check out this one we created for Hogwood! A logo is a symbol of your brand, but it does not represent all of your brand in its entirety — a brand is a lot bigger, but more on that later. 

A logo is a visual identity piece for your brand that should be a professional, yet polished representation of your business to clients and potential customers. 

This little mark can be made up of a variety of elements including an icon, a color set, and a font type. If designed by a top-notch logo design firm, your logo should be a versatile, simplistic mark to represent your company. 

The designers at Nice Branding Agency work to thoughtfully pair your logo with a strategic color palette and a well-crafted typographic design. Your logo and icon will be on almost all of your branded assets, so it’s important that your logo design company Nashville nails this piece for your company.

Once you have a powerful brand element, it’s time to tackle the behemoth that is branding.

The 411 on Branding

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What is branding, really? That is a question we’ve tackled time and time again. 

As the branding process takes place, a logo company like Nice Branding Agency would take your company through a journey to define your brand, both visually and through messaging. 

We prefer to start our branding projects with foundational branding so we can uncover how your brand should be built from the ground up. Our team of designers, strategists and copywriters create a well-aligned visual direction and message for your company, so together, we can move forward to help you clearly communicate to your customers what your brand offers.

However, once those items are firmed up, it’s time to start solidifying the brand through customer touchpoints, also known as brand support, that tells your story. 

This does include your logo, but it’s also everything from the text on your website to a poster to your business card — and everything in between. These items work hand-in-hand to ensure your brand has the potential to exist.

A brand is not just physical assets that are developed by a logo designer, it goes much deeper, and it’s actually what goes through a consumer’s mind when they encounter any part of your business. It’s a perception that customers and potential customers alike have conjured up as they interact with your company at any level.

Most importantly, you have the power to build a brand that influences a customer based on external encounters and internal beliefs. That puts a lot of responsibility on you as the business leader to ensure that consumers are viewing your brand the way that you want them too.

Branding can impact not only your business’ reputation, but it can also yield significant financial benefits and can shift consumer focus to your brand story — the heart behind who you are and what your business does. 

Let’s Roll

Now that you can pinpoint the difference between branding and a logo, it’s time to get the ball rolling to develop an extra nice brand for your company. Ready to dive in? Call us today.

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