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As a branding agency, part of our quest is to ensure that we’re creating an experience for your clients or customers as they enter your physical space that envelopes them in your brand. This, friends, is what we call environmental branding, but many call it interior design.  Some businesses decide that partnering with an interior designer is the best way to get their insides decked out. But we recommend that you take a closer look at your goals before moving forward with the selection of a firm to handle interior branding. You see, interior design features furniture and fixtures that might look nice. However, environmental branding is the selection of all interior and exterior furniture, fixtures, finishes, signage, hardware, lighting, wall color and treatments, flooring, and art with a keen attention to your brand’s visual direction and the goal to make a connection with your brand in the mind of the customer. We’ve been working on environmental branding for our clients for more than a decade, and, like most things, we’ve learned a thing or two by trial and error along the way. We’re proud to say that our clients now are the beneficiaries of a process for environmental branding that results in stunning interiors that clearly convey the brand and foster a connection that lasts longer than the visit. Here are a few projects we’re proud to show off:

Restaurant Interior Design Project for Hogwood BBQ

environmental restaurant brand Hogwood BBQ is a barbecue restaurant just outside of Nashville. The hotspot is a favorite place to grab grub for some nationally known musicians, including Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave and country music star Chase Rice The Hogwood team came to us when their concept was just a catering company out of Crested Butte, Colorado. After hearing their differentiators and vision, we created a visual direction and brand story for the restaurant, and then designed the logo, menu, restaurant materials, and website to align with the foundation of visual direction and position. While all of the restaurant graphic design was humming away, we got to work branding the interior to really convey to people what Hogwood was all about as they dined.  You see, Hogwood BBQ is not specific to a region. What makes Hogwood different is their commitment to recipes that use the best in spices and flavors from around the world — and to smoking meat to temperature, not time. The menu is founded upon recipes that are generations old, and brought up to date with the inclusion of delicious and healthful ingredients from around the world.  The fire plays a huge role in the restaurant’s positioning, and we worked this into the interior through a large cut wood stack display which is functionally located adjacent to the enormous black powder-coated smoker.  The reference to the importance of the fire is also highlighted in a huge wall installation that tells the brand story. This is placed prominently within the restaurant on the back wall, so that as customers wait to order, they’re able to read all about what makes Hogwood different. environmental graphic design nashville The flooring is primarily concrete, and a custom inlay conveys the tagline, “It’s in the fire.” This allows everyone to literally walk the talk at the point of purchase.  Additionally, focal tile comes up from the floor and floods the riser of the counter. This draws the eye up to what’s happening with the food, and it communicates to the customer that this isn’t your standard, hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint. There is a certain level of intricacy in the tile pattern that mirrors the nature of the food. environmental interior design Walls were painted white brick or black, with a focal wall proudly displaying a version of the restaurant logo. environmental wall graphic A second wall mural was created to bring in the fire as a visual, rising up beside the drink station. The mountainous terrain within the mural mirrors the design on the website and creates congruency while also nodding to the origins of Hogwood, high in the Colorado mountains. interior restaurant design Lighting throughout the space was interesting, yet minimal and rustic. Again, this mirrors the nature of the concept and menu overall. Heading back to the bathrooms, a gallery wall filled with photos on handcrafted clipboards uses imagery to further tell the story of fresh ingredients, sourced from all over the world and prepared to perfection, right here at Hogwood. It emulates the world travel that was embarked upon and infused in each recipe you will indulge in as you taste the flavors of Hogwood. environmental interior designer nashville Bathroom walls are adorned with buffalo check black-and-white wallpaper, thanks JoJo, and the fixtures are industrial but minimal. restaurant bathroom design The tables selected for the dining room have black metal legs with a wood top, mirroring the smoker and the wood that is used to bring out the flavors of the meat. restaurant interior design Each element of the interior was selected and paired intentionally to convey the story of the brand and to immerse the customer in an environment that felt complete, cohesive, and connective.

Taco Garage Restaurant Interior Design

branding experts We don’t just do BBQ.  Our restaurant branding experts created a brand for Taco Garage that included a restaurant logo design, strategic menu design, restaurant website design and development, and the design for all other restaurant materials.  As construction on the space got underway, we also developed an interior design plan for the space. We started first and foremost with a plan to outline the customer journey. From there, we moved into the design to ensure the customer was impacted as they endeavored on their taco journey. environmental interior plan We created a grungy, garage vibe by incorporating concrete floors with custom floor graphics to guide the customer journey. We also included rough bricked walls to align with the industrial feel of the brand, and adorned the walls with neon lit signs and wall graphics that state the nature of the business with as much wit and directiveness as needed to be cohesive with the brand voice. environmental graphic design Tables and chairs were intentionally simple, as the restaurant prides itself on not being “fancy schmancy,” and the point of purchase was designed to be a focal point. This draws the customer up to the register and makes for another impactful messaging opportunity. interior graphic design Custom wall graphics were painted on a variety of textures to speak and connect with the customer in a direct, yet fun way. These murals became cohesive as they were splattered on social and meaningfully placed on various brand support. restaurant branding designer restaurant branding agency Overall, the vibe of the interior carried forth the brand and connected with the customer. It was a garage where some real good people could get some real good tacos.

Interior Design for North American Immigration Center

business branding agency In addition to many of the restaurant environmental branding projects we work on, here’s a look at a corporate office environment that we branded. Here, we were able to create an interior branding plan that showcased pride in our country and a happiness to help others who immigrate experience that pride.  We created a very simple office design that allowed the walls to be the focus. Furniture was selected with clean, modern design in mind to convey the simplicity of the service and set people at ease as they began the process of completing immigration forms. The modern design immediately conveys to the client that this is not your old, stuffy, lawyer’s office. Rather, this business is one that is approachable and accessible, and speaks the language of today’s world. corporate interior design firm interior design plan agency The walls were flooded with these main colors, and then custom wall typography was to be painted onto the color in white. This art would be phrases such as, “With Liberty and Justice for All” and “One Nation.” Additionally, we would bring in art that depicts iconic American figures, including the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol, and more. business brand design Bathroom design would be simple with an eye-catching wall of red subway tile juxtaposed against a diagonally striped blue-and-white floor to loosely represent the American flag. business bathroom design Office furniture stayed on brand with a minimal, clean design aesthetic and brand colors. File cabinets and desks were white, and seating took on the brand colors to provide a pop of interest in the space. business branding agency At the publishing of this post, the design had not yet been implemented by the architect.

North Alabama Medical Center Environmental Design

interior wall mural We worked with North Alabama Medical Center in Florence, Alabama, before they were North Alabama Medical Center. Before moving into their beautiful, brand-new hospital constructed by the rockstars at Layton Construction, they were ECM. And we supported them with marketing and design needs as they arose. However, when it was time to consider the announcement of the move and the new brand to the community, our team was tapped by hospital operator group RCCH HealthCare Partners (now LifePoint). We worked to develop a marketing campaign that would be a drumbeat of all the good that was to come for the community when the hospital opened on December 6, 2018. While this marketing campaign was in full swing, we were also awarded the opportunity to create environmental branding for the building that would connect with the community. business branding design agency interior design company North Alabama Medical Center is the largest, most comprehensive medical facility in the North Alabama region. Their brand-new facility offers 450,000 square feet of patient-centered care backed by advanced technology and the highest standards in care. Our team worked with North Alabama Medical Center to ensure that their mission and commitment to care were predominantly evident throughout their space. We utilized environmental graphic design, wall installations, and more to draw attention to key messaging and to unify the community under one purpose — to provide better care to all within the region. graphic design agency nashville We worked to infuse a message of care throughout all of the main patient and guest spaces, and then to create a space of empowerment for the employees. hospital interior brand design environmental wall mural design Within the high-stress, patient-waiting areas near cardiac care and critical care, we created graphics that touted the award-winning physicians and the level of care provided at the hospital. The goal was to convey the fact that when you’re waiting and worrying, your loved ones are in good hands. interior design agency hospital environmental design

Ready for Environmental Branding or Interior Design?

As you can see from these few environmental branding projects, there’s more to environmental branding than interior design. The interior (and exterior!) of your physical space is an opportunity to connect people with your brand — both visually and through messaging. If you have a space you’re looking to turn into a living, breathing, brand asset, let’s talk. We’ll start with a review of your floor plan and go from there.