Why Good Graphic Design Matters for Business

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Stop what you’re doing right now and look around you. Chances are, you’re going to find some really fantastic design and also some cringe-worthy design (Unless you happen to be hanging out in our graphic design firm in Franklin. No bad design here).

Many consumers don’t always have the ability to see bad design if good design isn’t around them — But, we can bet a bottom dollar that if you have to pick a company that has beautiful, well-aligned branding with rock-solid design, you will move forward with that company rather than one with poor design that doesn’t represent the company at all.

Today, we’re going to go straight to the heart of the matter — Does good design really matter? If you aren’t working with a design firm, this should give you the gentle nudge you need to make a call today once you know the benefits it can bring your company.

Building Brand Loyalty

Let's consider a company that everyone knows about. We're talking about Target here. Or Targé if you're fancy.

When you think of Target, what comes to mind? Is it specifically the products they offer? Probably not. While we do love a good Target binge, so much more has gone into their company’s efforts to build brand loyalty, and convert consumers into faithful brand advocates and shoppers. They've truly created an experience.

Not only is their logo and color palette recognizable to most people in our country, but even Target’s environmental design and in-store experience is carefully crafted to ensure all customer touchpoints are branded consistently and give you, the customer, a good journey throughout their store. They've made something mundane (shopping for toilet paper), an errand that we actually look forward to. And this my friends, is branding executed via good design.

You see, branding isn't just the logo. It isn't just the website. It isn't just the interior. Branding is the perception the consumer forms about your business based on all they've encountered related to the business.

So, we can all agree that the in-store experience is legit. But also, Target’s website and social media are built with a solid foundation of good design. Everywhere you turn to find Target, the content is aligned with the Foundational Branding and the design is consistent and flawless. This is what builds brand loyalty and turns people into repeat customers. 

And when you're working with a firm like Nice Branding Agency, the firm can create a branding backbone and then execute the "brand" through all available touchpoints using stellar design. This is the secret sauce. This is how you create the magnetic out of the mundane.

Take this hospital design project. The design makes you feel something, doesn't it? It's intended to make you feel like you're in good hands here.

Hospital Branding Logo Design
Hospital Interior Branding Mural
Hospital Graphic Design Infographic
Hospital Graphic Design Wall Installation

Securing Leads + Interest

Okay, it’s truth time with Nice Branding Agency. You ain’t got no alibi for not bringing in business when your brand is U-G-L-Y.

It’s imperative to have not only good design, but well-thought-through design; otherwise, your efforts could go to waste. After all, design isn't just about aesthetics. Anyone can make something pretty. Well, not anyone, but you know what we're getting at here.

Good design solves problems for consumers. It leads consumers to your desired call to action. It shows them what they should do and how to do it. Where do they go to find the product they want on your site? How do they buy it? Where do they contact you or sign up for your email list? Good design lights the path and continually nudges the consumer or viewer to the intended call to action.

Chaotic, unstructured design creates confusion and can cause the consumer to miss the action you want them to take.

At Nice Branding Agency, our designers think through every piece before the first mouse click. We seek to really understand the goal of the asset and how we can achieve that goal through design. We work with content and graphics to arrange the information in a manner that is applicable to the target and tailored to the application. Additionally, we ensure that we're strategically placing calls-to-action to capture consumer interests and convert viewers to customers.

For example, if you created a magazine ad, but didn’t think about making it easy for potential customers to see your phone number and the name of your company, it could be a lost cause to secure their interest. Even if the overall ad had good messaging. 

And customers aren't the only "leads" businesses are looking for these days. Good design has a major role in attracting top talent to companies. Check out the recruitment piece we designed for one of our clients. Their target is high school grads, and they needed to make an impact at job fairs. This design is square so it stands out from the stack. And the content within gradually assures the reader that their career needs will be met with this company.

Take a look at how it all unfolds.

graphic design company accordion fold brochure for empower electric
graphic design company brochure design sample for empower electric
flat brochure design

Big Reputation, Big Reputation

Take it from Taylor Swift — Your organization is going to earn a reputation whether you want one or not.

Good graphic design can set you up as a legitimate business, especially for potential customers who may not be familiar with your brand. If word of mouth hasn’t taken off for your brand yet, your brand has to grab people’s attention and convince them to give you a try.

When you invest in a well-designed brand, you will begin building trust as a reputable business with consumers. A good reputation can bring in sales and help you meet your endgame goals.

For example, as a new Indian restaurant looked to launch in Lubbock, Texas, they tapped our team for branding. Why? Because Indian fast-casual was a novelty in the area. And a strong brand was required to communicate to the community what they could expect from a place called Tikka Shack. Not only that, the brand conveys to people who exactly the restaurant will cater to. No pun intended.

restaurant website design
restaurant marketing, tikka shack interior branding
restaurant website design and tshirts

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Basically, you know the ins and outs of good design now, and with great knowledge comes great responsibility. It’s time to take your company’s brand to the next level with solid design. Give us a call today and let’s conquer your branding together!