Facebook Boosted Post: Targeted vs Boosted Post

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We now live in the times when Facebook has decreased the organic reach for business pages. Their momma didn’t raise no fool. They’ve got everyone and their brother using Facebook for Business, and now they want to put their hands in our pocketbooks. Nothin’ in this life is free.

In all seriousness, Facebook advertising is a great outlet for social media marketing, reaching potential customers and staying in front of current customers. It’s economical, targetable and trackable.

If your post is useful and helpful for your audience, you should promote or boost your post through Facebook Boosted Posts options. There’s definitely no need to take this action on every single post, but an article-driven post that provides relevant information that visitors will WANT to read may prove to be a good marketing tool through Facebook Boosted Posts. Do not promote or boost other people’s content. If you’re sharing a blog article from a site other than one you own, do not boost it. Doing so gives you a big fat zero for brand strength and lowers your brand credibility. If you boost or promote a post, the associated graphic still has to follow Facebook’s 20% text limit rule. Abide by their guidelines or your efforts will be in vain and your promoted post will get the axe. Use Facebook’s Grid Tool to get an answer if you feel your post graphic is questionable. There are two ways to ultimately get more people to see your post. You can boost the post or promote the post.

Here Are Your Options With Facebook Boosted Posts:

Audience: Choose between people who like your page and their friends or people you choose through Targeting. If you decide that you want to promote only to your current page likers (yep, we made that term up), then you should probably use a promoted post. Alternatively, you can choose the first option of people who like your page and their friends, and then go back into the ads manager after your order has been placed and turn off the “friends of friends” target.

1. Geographic Location 2. Age 3. Gender 4. Interests (up to 10)

From here, you choose a budget. Your budget and targeting determine how many people your post will reach. As you increase your budget and keep your targeting the same, your post reach will increase.
With The More Options Tab, You Can:
1. Spread the Budget Across Multiple Days (Up to 7) 2. Change the Billing Account For a boosted post, you can monitor and analyze performance from the Facebook Ads Manager.

Here Are Your Options With Facebook Promoted Posts:

For Promoting a Post, you have a bit more control in the areas of targeting, pricing, and bidding. You can promote a post through the Ads Manager or the Power Editor. To begin, you will choose the option of “Boost Your Posts” from the Ad Creation Manager. Then use the drop-down menu to choose the page and then the post you want to promote.
1. Custom Audience (Customer List, Website Visitors, App/Game Activity) 2. Friends 3. Geographic Location 4. Age 5. Gender 6. Language 7. Interests 8. Behaviors 9. Connections 10. Relationship (Interested In, Relationship Status) 11. Education (Education Level, Fields of Study, Schools, Undergrad Years) 12. Work (Employers, Job Titles, Industries, Office Types) 13. Financial (Income, Net Worth) 14. Home (Home Type, Home Ownership, Household Composition) 15. Ethnic Affinity 16. Generation 17. Parents (All Parents, Moms) 18. Politics 19. Life Events
Cost On Promoted Posts Give Multiple Options:
1. Cost Per Impression 2. Cost Per Click There’s also bidding that can go on with promoted posts similar to PPC advertising. You can read more about this under Facebook’s Ad Auction. Additionally, you can view your post on desktop news feed, mobile news feed, and right column news feed. You can also control in which feed you want your promoted post to appear. Results for Promoted Posts will show in the Ads Manager to allow you to monitor performance. There’s one additional way you can promote a post, or boost a post, and that’s known as a Dark Post or an Unpublished Post. This ultimately means that your post will not show on your page. It will only show as an ad. This is a tool typically used for testing. If you're interested in getting assistance from Nice Branding to setup an overall social media marketing strategy or simple do some Facebook Post Boosting, give us a call. We'd love to help out with your project.