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Nice Branding Agency believes that when you have a cohesive brand in place, your customers or clients will experience a magic that they can’t quite pinpoint. This is the effect of well-done branding, and yes, it really does make a difference. Explore our branding services below and review our branding packages for our specific offerings. Let us know if we are the branding agency for you. 

Restaurant Branding for Nashville's Howdy Hot Chicken Branding Mood Board
Restaurant Branding - Howdy Hot Chicken Background


A brand cannot be built, but instead, a brand consists of the perception that people form about your organization based on all that they have experienced related to your business. In order to ensure that you are creating a consistent experience, and one that aligns with who you are as a company, it’s imperative that all elements pass through the same filter before being released for consumption and classification. All branding materials must be framed through the lens of your company’s positioning statement, attributes, and visual brand direction. We will craft a positioning statement that represents the core values of your business and your position in the market, as well as a persuasive paragraph that further conveys your strategic angle and offerings. Additionally, we will identify and define key attributes for your business and solidify a brand direction that will bring cohesion to your visual efforts.


Determining a visual direction before setting out to create a brand is a wise investment. It allows us to create a clear roadmap to guide your branding adventure, and it offers us the invaluable opportunity to ensure that the brand we create is a brand that you feel aligns with your business goals. Our team will curate various patterns, photos, colors, and fonts to create a distinct visual direction. This direction will serve as a starting point for developing your brand image and personality and will act as a guideline for the creation of future brand support. Practically speaking, we will create multiple options for the visual direction of your brand. You will select one of the options, and all branding work will follow the lead of that direction.


The objective of the naming process is to establish a memorable and meaningful name that will have a positive impact on your brand. Your name needs to stand out among competitors and appropriately address your network’s target audience, brand message, and vision. Using our expert experience and various naming principles, our team will develop a plethora of restaurant name options, and then internally pair them down to the top three. We will pair them with available domains and present them to you with background information on why they were chosen and their meaning.


A well-designed logo allows a business to appear professional and polished to potential customers. Our team of branding experts can create a versatile, simplistic logo mark that is a true representation of your company. This mark, paired with a carefully selected color palette and a well-crafted typographic design will become distinctive in your industry and give you a leg up on the competition. Our logo design process delivers multiple logo formats along with a logo guidelines sheet, providing details on font and color usage.


Professional business stationery will equip your team to communicate effectively while conveying the brand to those they interact with on behalf of your organization. We will create a stationery package to include a business card design, accompanying letterhead, digital letterhead, envelope, and messaging card. Our team will handle the design, typesetting, and printer coordination.


We will bring your brand to life within the walls of your business through interior design, wayfinding, communication, signage, and overall interior design. By weaving your brand throughout your space, we will create cohesion throughout the environment that puts your brand on display to visitors, thus enhancing brand awareness and brand connection. We advise you on the details, providing ideas and concepts that, when carried out, come together to create an atmosphere that lends itself to a deeper connection with your customers. This includes ideas, strategies, and a visual presentation of direction.


Brand support and marketing materials are tactical extensions of your brand. We create strategic support that aids in achieving business objectives, while serving as powerful ambassadors of your brand. Our team leads the creation of marketing collateral through strategy, graphic design, copywriting, and printer coordination.


An aesthetically pleasing website provides you with an online platform to effectively communicate the brand, highlight key projects or services and compel users to take action. Our process for website design is based on a strategy that puts the user first and works to be a resource to the user. Website copy for services and key messaging will be developed to work in unison to further urge viewers to connect with the brand and take action. We utilize the WordPress platform for website development, which allows our clients the ability to update key website content from a browser window.

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Business Branding

We create bold business brands that demand attention and equip our clients to conquer their market. Through a combination of high-level strategy, powerfully crafted creative, and associated narratives, our team produces brands for businesses that simply cannot be ignored.

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Restaurant Branding

We develop authentic restaurant brands that resonate with consumers. Our restaurant branding process uncovers the heart of the brand, defines its essence, and then strategically weaves the brand through all customer touch points to create an unforgettable connection with the consumer.

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Brand Support

We create brand support that makes a bold statement and continues to build your brand. Our crew puts strategy on par with art, so that our designs meet your business objectives. Whether it’s a single project, or ongoing support, you can count on us to do what we say we are going to do 100% of the time, on-time.

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