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Did you know that Youtube is the second-biggest search engine on the internet? We are living in the day where people are watching more YouTube videos than cable TV. Did you also know that you can use Youtube for marketing? That’s right! YouTube videos are an incredible resource for marketing! Not only are they a great way to boost the visibility of your business, but they also enhance your credibility — helping you be perceived as an expert in your industry. Utilizing Youtube for marketing is one of the best ways to make your business more interactive and stand out from the crowd of competitors. Plus, even Google likes you more if you prioritize video in your marketing. That means you’ll come up higher in those pesky search engines. “The difference between a website with videos and one without is a characteristic that is weighed heavily within Google’s search-engine algorithm. Including video content will increase the perceived quality of your website and also move your site further up in Google’s search results.” (cite) See. We told you. If you’ve ever been confused about how to use Youtube for marketing to your advantage, don’t sweat it. We’re going to break down the important points of how to use Youtube for marketing, including:
  • Where to start, including selecting a title, thumbnails, descriptions, etc.
  • What types of videos you should post to best represent your brand
  • How best to get people clicking and watching your videos
  • How to utilize advertising on Youtube
We’ll also throw in a few random tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

YouTube for Marketing: Where to Start

Now that we’ve got you interested in utilizing Youtube for marketing, where do you start?


First things first, you’ll need a title for your video. Although seemingly simple, crafting a title can be a very difficult part of the process. The important thing to keep in mind when picking a title for your video is to be specific! Few people are going to find or click on a video called “Product Demo.” Instead, incorporate the content of your videos into your titles, such as “5 Ways to Save Time Every Day with [Your Company]’s Productivity App.” Use keywords first; then use your brand or supporting text to allow for ultimate search-engine optimization. For example: Cooking Show - Cake Tutorial - Kelly Brown The more specific, the better! Remember to keep your title short, sweet, and to the point, so no more than 50 characters — but less if possible.


Your description should be short, specific, informative, and multipurpose. The key is to describe your video in a sentence or two. The best way to ensure search-engine results is by using top keywords in your description. Lastly, be sure to include a link to your website or blog immediately after. You can also include a call to action (CTA) to engage the audience with your company.

Categories & Tags

It is important to choose the right category for your video and to use as many relevant tags as possible (put the important, most relevant ones in there first).


Want to know the secret to an enticing video? An interesting thumbnail! Just like a person’s profile picture might make you want to click to see more, a thumbnail can stop a scroll just like that and get people to click on your video. The thumbnail you select will have one of the biggest impacts on clicks when viewers are scrolling through YouTube. So, to help you choose wisely, we’ve given you some options:
  • Use captivating, colorful, high-contrast images that work in small and large formats
  • Upload your own — don’t let Youtube automatically generate one for you (it’s usually just a screenshot from your video — not super engaging!)
The thumbnail and video title are both KEY to drawing your audience in. It’s important to be click-baity, but not too click-baity. You don’t want to mislead viewers!

Brand Your Channel

Make sure your channel reflects your brand in the video content, channel style (colors, profile photo, etc.) and online presence (responding to comments, how you act online). Customizing your channel reinforces your brand identity and brings a unique look to potential viewers. Also, remember to have a CTA at the end of every video — subscribe, leave feedback, visit website, share video, call us today, etc...


The next thing to decide is what type of videos you want to post. This is important, as your content should represent your brand and message. A good start would be to upload a 2- to 3-minute trailer that represents your company and gives a glimpse what it’s like to work with you. This is similar to an ad for your company but less “in your face” about the CTA. Here are a few freebie examples of types of videos that a business like yours can utilize on YouTube for marketing.

Video Ideas:

How-Tos / Tutorials Product Demonstrations Testimonials Infographic / Explainer Videos Business Intro Video (Trailer) Behind the Scenes Tips & Tricks Live Presentations (ex: footage from a conference at which you might have spoken) Product launches FAQs Story / Off-the-Wall Videos - fun and new ways to view your business (like how milk advertises for itself) [embed][/embed]

YouTube for Marketing: HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO WATCH

So now you’ve chosen your video, picked a thumbnail, written an effective description, and decided on a catchy title. Post that video, and you’ve done it! But wait... Now what? How do you get people to watch? Here are a few tips that might help you gain viewership: The first step is to make sure that the first 5 seconds of your video hook the viewer. If you don’t have them after 5 seconds, you’ve lost them. The next thing to keep in mind are the three Cs: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Posting consistently is the key to gaining an audience. Your audience will appreciate a schedule, as it gives them a set time to look for your content. For example, post every Thursday. Always use playlists! Playlists allow you to group similar videos on your channel. This ensures viewers are sent to another relevant video while keeping your content in mind. Make sure once you’ve posted, to spread the word about your video — Tweet it, write a blog post, post to Facebook, embed on a website, etc. Social media is a wonderful way to engage more viewers with your video. A great way to engage with your audience is to respond to feedback and comments. Try to avoid using a cookie-cutter response. The more personal the message, the more users will be drawn in. Comment on other relevant channels’ videos as well — their commenters might click onto your channel page! Another thing to consider are collabs. Collabs are a form a cross-promotion, allowing each user’s audience to get exposed to new and similar content from another creator. Look for popular YouTube channels with offerings that complement (rather than compete with) your business, and try pitching the idea of a collaboration.”

YouTube for Marketing: ADVERTISING

These days you can advertise anywhere. And yep, you guessed it, you can also utilize Youtube for advertising. Instead of posting to a YouTube account, you could use TrueView/AdWords to run your video advertisements on YouTube’s website. YouTube offers a number of targeting options (age, gender, location, etc.)” (cite) It is these options that allow you to target a specific audience, again allowing for viewer growth and leading to business growth. There are a few important points to keep in mind when creating an ad: The recommended max length is 5 minutes, but we recommend to keep your ad short and sweet. Focus on goals rather than views (more traffic to website, sales, etc.), and always have a goal in mind — what do you want people to do after watching your ad? Advertising 101 — Having a specific goal will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your ads. If you’re uploading to your own Youtube channel, and not running ads, stick to entertaining videos rather than strictly advertisements. This will entertain your audience and keep them interested enough to hear your message.


Here are some tips and tricks that we’ve found helpful for using Youtube for marketing:

Production value goes a long way!

You don’t have to own the best camera on the market, but don’t skimp on equipment. As long as it gets your point across clearly and has good sound quality, you’re good to go!

Google+ is you new best friend!

When you create a Youtube account, it is automatically linked to your Google+ account. So make sure your G+ page isn’t lacking. Fully fill it out and keep it updated regularly!

Use social media to your advantage!

Like we mentioned in our “How to Get People to Watch” section, using the free social media platforms that your company already has is a great way to spread the word on a new video. An idea for promoting your videos on other Social Media accounts:

Use subtitles for deaf viewers

Be inclusive and provide subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers. It is best to add the subtitles manually, as Youtube’s auto-generated subtitles are often incorrect.


Whether you’re marketing for a small business or a large company, using Youtube for marketing is a successful way to grow your audience as well as your brand. Need help? Contact the Nice girls! Remember to always focus on content FIRST before thinking about how to market it! Creative and on-brand content is the key to gaining business in this space.