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Our clients at SoulEmi needed to turn a great name into a great brand, so they turned to the Nice Branding Agency team to bring their new fitness brand to life.

For this fitness branding project, our client reached out to us with a great idea for a new venture. At this point, nothing had been developed aside from the name: SoulEmi, pronounced “soley me,” and the idea for a fitness membership that would combine all of the aspects of personal “me time,” from fitness to wellness and beauty, and make them accessible via technology.  


We started this branding project by determining the brand direction. We created three distinct brand boards that would each speak to her target audience. She selected a brand board that was populated with bright pops of color and bold black and white typography. It had an edgy feel, but was still super approachable and energetic, perfect for a brand new fitness brand.


After our client selected a brand board, we moved on to create foundational brand elements, starting with the logo. We designed several logo options that utilized the clean and modern black font and bright brand colors. We integrated a plus sign throughout the brand as a graphic symbol to be used in the logo and throughout the brand as a pattern.

A system of icons was developed for each of their service offerings to help organize different aspects of the brand. Similarly, we established a color system during this process to identify the different aspects of the SoulEmi brand, fitness, beauty and wellness. These colors would visually differentiate between the fitness and wellness features they offered, providing an element of user experience through color.

We also created a tagline for SoulEmi: “connecting U to fitness + wellness.” The “U” we emphasized was an element of the SoulEmi logo. Brand colors were also incorporated here to further convey the brand message to SoulEmi users: that SoulEmi is for YOU.


The business cards were important for our client, as a large portion of her business included networking with vendors to create new partnerships. We developed business cards for SoulEmi that incorporated the bold, clean look of the brand. We printed the business cards on super thick 32pt uncoated stock. We colored these thick edges of the cards with the brand colors in random assortments, so that each person who got a business card would have a card with a different colored edge. The thick weight and colored edges set them apart from your standard business card.


In addition to the business cards, we supplied our client with several one sheeters to provide to her potential partners. Since SoulEmi was a new concept and somewhat hard to grasp for potential vendors, the one sheeters gave our client a simple graphic way to get her message across.

Along with the one sheeters, we developed a sales strategy that SoulEmi could express to potential partners that forming a partnership would benefit them financially. To express this, we suggested that SoulEmi drop den dollar bills off to potential partners without a word, encased in a custom-designed, printed box.

The final box we designed had SoulEmi branding on the outside, and the inside typographic design stated: “stop, drop and bankroll.”

For a high-end promotional product, we custom designed metal water bottles in a black matte finish to promote the brand to potential partners.


As SoulEmi prepared to launch, we created a system of email drip campaigns to communicate both to potential members and new members with SoulEmi.

The new member drip campaign welcomed the recent registrant in the first message. Subsequently, a second email emphasized the idea that SoulEmi offered more than just fitness classes and reinforced the brand message behind fitness and wellness. We also provided a link to manage your membership within the email. The third email in the new member drip campaign encouraged new members to invite a friend with the headline: Even Me Time is Better With a Friend.

The second drip campaign addressed potential members who entered their email on the landing page of the site, but had not yet joined SoulEmi. These emails focused on the variety of options SoulEmi members could have access to. The slogan “same gym, different day, no way” pushed the idea that members didn’t have to go to the same gym. This email also directed potential members to a limited time founding member offer for a reduced rate.


The ideas conveyed in the drip campaign and on the landing page of the website were further supported by a series of social posts that informed the public about the impending launch of SoulEmi and the benefits of a membership.

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