Why Branding Is Worth the Investment

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How many times have you asked yourself the question, 'Is branding worth the investment?' What comes to mind when you think of branding? Is it a logo? A tagline? Maybe a thoughtfully designed website with well-written copy or a carefully curated customer experience? The truth is branding is all of that – and much, much more, and we'd like to shed some light on why branding is worth the investment.  Branding determines how your company is perceived both internally and externally, and the importance of its impact cannot be overstated. While impressive branding drives sales and excites and intrigues customers, incomplete or forgettable branding may repel customers and drive them straight to your competitors. And although it’s imperative that your branding is cohesive, consistent, and clear, it’s also essential for it to have that intangible something special that’s hard to put your finger on – but you know it when you see it. why branding is worth the investment As a result, it’s easy to see why a business must invest in branding, right? Sure, the initial cost may be higher than it would be if you tried it your way... but can you afford to miss out on the je ne sais quoi that a professional agency can provide? Let’s explore what makes branding a worthy investment and why you will likely regret going the DIY route.


The only thing more critical than customer buy-in is employee buy-in – after all, your most important audience is your own people. They are your brand ambassadors, and in some cases, the sales process begins with them. If your employees are well-equipped to understand, reflect, and promote your brand, chances are, they will more easily engage with and win over external audiences. In addition, the more connected your employees are to your products and services, the better they can persuasively communicate their worth. The best way to ensure internal alignment with your company’s unique values? Invest in branding that encompasses and communicates those values in an unmistakable way. positioning statement creation business brand nashville business branding design This is why branding is only partially about a logo or a website – instead, the meat of branding is communicating a key message that your employees can embody and showcase to the outside world.
“Brands have two roles… Persuading outsiders to buy and insiders to believe.” – McKinsey & Company, Business Branding: Bringing Strategy to Life


Investing in exceptional branding that clearly represents your company’s values, mission, and objectives can help you stay focused and on track – even during the most stressful of circumstances. nashville design agency Think of your branding as a guide to follow that allows for growth while also keeping you aligned in the present moment. It can serve as a beacon of clarity amid confusion and bring you back to what’s most important: Your vision as an organization and the goals you have set forth to achieve. Your potential customers look to your brand to light the way for them, too, and your branding tells them what to expect from your company.  corporate process map Remember, your success isn’t only reliant on what you can provide; instead, your success also hinges on how your brand is perceived. A wishy-washy brand without a clear identity isn’t nearly as appealing as a brand with an undeniable message and mission that speaks directly to its target audience. business name development why branding is worth the investment


There’s no denying the strong correlation between brand strength and financial performance. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company, companies with a strong brand can outperform their competitors by as much as 20 percent. That’s because branding helps people make choices – and in a sea of bland, generic brands, the ones that are distinctive and stand out from the crowd will garner attention (and, ideally, an emotional response) and win. Furthermore, customers are often willing to pay more for brands they feel a meaningful connection to and trust. corporate social media design It’s also important to consider how a well-articulated brand can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. A bold brand helps tell the story you’re working to communicate through your marketing initiatives, and when combined, the two can make your offerings irresistible. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that investing in your brand can quite literally pay off.
“Strong brands typically drive the bottom line, and above-average financial performance strengthens the brand in turn – a virtuous cycle.” – McKinsey & Company, Business Branding: Bringing Strategy to Life


Investing in branding may seem expensive – the logo design, the photography, the website, the copy – but imagine how expensive it might be to put forth the wrong kind of branding. There are the lost sales to consider, for example, as well as the customers who may write your brand off and never look back, especially if they found another brand that resonates with them. Investing in branding typically means your business will invest less in marketing over time, too. Rather than reinventing the wheel with each new marketing campaign, you’ll already have many of your key elements in place – all because you invested in expert level branding. Finally, consider the high cost of rebranding. Not only will you incur costs to redo, reprint, and rework your existing brand, but there will also be intangible costs, including energy expenditure for your employees as they relearn, reabsorb, and reinterpret a new brand identity.


The right kind of branding is priceless, and it’s essential for your organization’s continued growth and success. It’s not something to leave to chance or to try to do yourself, and that’s where Nice Branding Agency comes in. We have developed robust methodologies at various investment levels to help our clients build connective, purposeful, impactful brands that people can trust, and we specialize in bringing visions to life while adding consistency, clarity, and legitimacy – all of which drive sales and can turn customers into lifelong supporters. Hopefully we have convinced you as to why branding is worth the investment. If you’re ready to take the first step toward building a cohesive, purposeful, and connective brand, please contact us or take a look at our Foundational Branding Package that establishes a strong brand position for both internal and external parties to adopt. We’re ready to put our skills to work and help take your business to the next level. Are you in? To learn more about the importance of branding (and to see how well it can be done), follow Nice Branding Agency on Instagram and LinkedIn.