What To Know About Foundational Branding

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

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People often ask to explain what makes a brand. I guess the simple answer is, everything! A brand’s foundation is made up of so much more than just its logo or colors. So here’s a guide on how to build your brand and have it stand out:

  1. Branding Showcases Your Purpose
  2. Brand Positioning Tells a Story
  3. Brand Vision Gives You a Deeper Understanding
  4. Brand Strategy is Your Guide to The Market

Branding Showcases Your Purpose

Your brand’s purpose is the reason why you do what you do. It’s about what your organization believes in, what it stands for and what difference it can make for others. If you have a specific mission and vision, define your brand’s purpose by answering three key questions: What is our core product or service? Why does the world need it? How will we bring value to our audience through this product or service?

Your brand’s purpose defines everything your organization does. It tells why you do what you do, what values are important to your business, when and where your brand participates in its community, who are its other customers besides customers, etc.

Brand Positioning Tells a Story

Your brand positioning is the single most important factor in determining the success of your business. Your positioning will help you decide what sets you apart from the competition, and above all – it will shape your customers’ experience with your brand.

Defining your brand’s positioning allows you to tell a story about your company that resonates with customers and helps make you memorable, while also acting as the foundation for all of your marketing activities. The more clearly you define your brand, the more confident you will be in what you’re selling and how you promote your business.

Brand Vision Gives You a Deeper Understanding

A company’s brand vision helps guide its growth and decision-making by providing a clear understanding of what makes the business unique and how it will differentiate itself in the future. By creating a consistent and compelling brand image, you will attract more customers, energize employees and partners, retain staff and recruit new talent.

Brand Strategy is Your Guide to The Market

An effective brand strategy covers every aspect of the customer’s experience with your business: everything from where they encounter you, what they hear when they talk to you on the phone, and how they see your online presence.

Your brand strategy should consist of a set of guidelines for developing and communicating the value proposition for your product or service. It answers three fundamental questions about your product or service: What does it do? Who does it target? Why does someone need it?

Your strategy will provide a unique way to organize information, so that you can determine how to develop its look and feel across all marketing communications. For example, if your company sells kitchen appliances and has a recognizable color palette in its logo design, this awareness should seep through every aspect of the business life cycle.

Our Value Proposition is Simple

Your brand is your promise – who you are, what you do, and how you show up. When we are aligned with our brand, we are confident and inspiring. When we show up as our true selves, we connect with others in authentic ways. Your brand identity is what tells your story and gets people excited about working with you or buying from your company.

For many businesses, realizing that unique value is where it all starts. With Nice Branding, our unique value proposition is our commitment to deliver value to the customer in all that we do. Because we have built a reputation of quality, accuracy and customer service, our customers know that when they work with us, their brand will be handled correctly.

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