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Social media tips and strategies need to constantly evolve to take advantage of new features and stay relevant online. There’s a lot of information, though, and keeping up with every little change is confusing. Especially when many of the changes don’t necessarily benefit your brand. (We’re looking at you, gender-swap filters.)

However, every once in a while we find social media tips that actually change the way brands use social media. And those are the social media tips we want to make sure you know about. Here’s what you need to know.

LinkedIn Updates | Teammates Feature

So, we knew already that LinkedIn interactions among coworkers are some of the strongest connections that happen on the platform. LinkedIn says that users are 60% more likely to engage in content that their coworkers share. Therefore, LinkedIn is working to encourage these interactions.

We don’t often see social media tips that deliberately adjust the algorithm and the way content is displayed.

However, LinkedIn has added a “teammates” feature which will allow users to prioritize what updates they see on their feed. This is a not-so-sneaky way for LinkedIn to create little internal networks and boost engagement.

See the feature: Click into “My Network” and then “Add Teammates.” There, you can specify your peers, managers, and direct reports to prioritize their activity on your feed.

LinkedIn Updates | New Reactions

LinkedIn has officially announced the arrival of their version of reactions, a more descriptive way to “like” a post on their platform. The new options you can choose are “like,” “celebrate,” “love,” “insightful,” and “curious.”

This will allow for LinkedIn users and brands to understand why they are receiving interactions to their post directly from the user.

The majority of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile, so this simple, constructive addition is likely to increase engagement on LinkedIn in a familiar way.

Facebook Updates to Ads Manager

Facebook is updating its Ads Manager app both with new features and a new interface. Here’s what they said:

“We’re beginning to roll out a new Ads Manager interface with more simplified navigation features, a cleaner design, and a new campaign management experience. You’ll notice a new navigation bar, providing more space to manage ads, and highlight tools that offer more insight into ad performance and reporting.”

New features include a cut-and-paste functionality inside Campaign Creation, an auto-naming option for campaigns, ad sets, and ad names, and more intuitive placement editing tools for individual ads.

There also is a new feature built to control cost and drive volume for campaigns, the “cost cap bidding” option. This feature will allow advertisers to set a maximum CPA. Then, Facebook will do the optimizing in an attempt to improve results.

Instagram Adds the Quiz Sticker

OK, we’re ending on one of our favorite social media tips, guys: the new Instagram quiz sticker that reveals the correct answer to your question when someone votes.

The new sticker is a great way to share information and maximize interaction on your stories.

You can add up to four possible answers to your question, bringing back major middle school multiple-choice quiz vibes.

Each new sticker launch breathes some fresh life back into stories without investing any money into your story creation. We’ve used it on the Nice account (@nicebranding) and love the instant feedback for both the users voting and the users posting.

Have you seen any of these updates on your accounts yet, or have you been missing them? Call the team at Nice Branding Agency to stay in the loop on the newest social media tips.