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Potential clients and customers are typing your business’s name straight into the search bar on Facebook or Instagram to get a picture of who you are and what you’re about. What do they see when they get there? Does your social presence present you in a way that is professional? Ideally, your social media profiles will communicate your brand in three seconds or less, just like your website. You may think you’ve got your social media posts under control, but for a lot of companies, social is a struggle. For many businesses, creating on-brand content can be the hardest part. Getting on-brand graphics into your feed is tough to do without a brand specialist on your team, so that’s where our Social Packs come in. Like your other brand assets and marketing collateral, the purpose of your Social Pack is to communicate your brand, convey key messaging, and gain brand ambassadors to follow along.

What is a Social Media Package from Nice Branding Agency?

Our social media packages, aka Social Packs, are a set of 15 custom-designed, evergreen, on-brand social posts that you can use to further the reach of your brand on social media. For each post, we develop a caption that aligns with your brand voice and 15 overall account hashtags to help find your target market. We also will provide a social profile image and social cover image to brand your page. social media agency

Social Media Package Design

When we create your social media package, our purpose is to make your brand the focus of your posts. Each post in your Social Pack will use on-brand colors, fonts, and images so that they all align with your brand’s visual direction. In the creation of a Social Pack, we include a mix of bold, typographic posts that convey brand messaging and a set of image-driven posts that portray your visual direction while seeking to stop the scroll. The images may be a curated set of stock photography or the implementation of your own imagery. The purpose of creating both kinds of posts (typographic and image-based) is to create a sense of well-planned variety throughout your feed. By equipping our clients with branded social media posts through our social media package, we’re able to help ensure consistency. These posts are designed to go anywhere in your feed, so you can schedule them out so that you know you always have something branded in the pipeline. Then, you can pepper in your real-time, super behind-the-scenes posts as you’re able to capture that content. Additionally, we design your social media package around key themes that resonate with your market. This allows us to provide you with a variety of content that touches on various brand attributes, your positioning, your visual direction, and your offerings. The great thing about our Social Packs is that you can recycle the posts. Our team creates content that is grounded by your brand and evergreen, so use the mess out of these babies.

Social Pack Captions

Just like the graphics we develop for your Social Pack, the captions we create will be on-brand, too. The brand voice your business has needs to shine through in your social. Your Social Pack captions will encourage the user to think about your brand’s attributes or to take action to engage with your business. Within the captions, where appropriate, we’ll include clear calls to action that align with your overall goals for user interaction on social. Finally, the Social Pack posts are created to be reused as desired. So you can swap captions out for new ones, or pair an existing caption with a new graphic where appropriate.

Using Hashtags

Oh, hashtagging. What started out in 2007 as a simple # sign to help Twitter index content and searchability is now a ubiquitous aspect of social content on all of the platforms. Hashtags can help drive home your brand via promotional messaging (hello, #TBT, #OOTD, #TweetFromTheSeat, #ShareACoke, etc), aid in finding your target market, and facilitate your target market being able to find you. So, the final piece of your Social Pack is your hashtags. For every Social Pack, we curate a compelling list of hashtags that will target your ideal audience based on their interests and searches. We carefully research each hashtag to find ones that are widely-used and relevant to your business to garner as much traffic as possible to your pages.

Using The Posts in Your Feed

A Social Pack is only 15 posts, but it can last you a really long time if you use the posts right. An on-brand feed can be more than just your Social Pack content. As we mentioned, mixing the on-brand posts with real-life images from your business creates a mix that showcases who you are. For example, check out our feed. We keep it pink and full of our brand fonts and colors, but we also share photos of us having fun, working, and designing away IRL. That mix is what makes your brand really come to life. Want to see how the posts play out on the feed? Keep reading to see three Social Packs out in the wild.

The Do It With Gumption! Social Media Package

The Do it With Gumption social media feed is the perfect mix of their own shots and on-brand graphics developed from our Social Pack. To create their social media package, we took strong messaging from their brand, their brand patterns, icons, and more and compiled a set of posts that packs a pink punch. Together, they make a spunky pink grid, and individually, they showcase the spirit of the brand. social media company social media graphics social media content

The Tikka N’ Curry Social Media Package

This social media feed is on fire! The social media package we created for Tikka N’ Curry showcases their mouthwatering food photography and on-brand messaging that encourages viewers to go taste the tikka. social media strategy social media design company social media experts

That Awesome Taco Truck Social Media Package

The Social Pack we developed for That Awesome Taco Truck showcases some of their most delicious-looking food, their unicorn mascot, and calls to action for users to find their truck. With a mobile business like this, social entices people to taste the tacos and shows them how to find the truck. social media marketing company social media package social-media-agency nashville

Need a Social Media Package?

Could your social use some strategy? Are your posts showcasing your brand? Hit us up for a set of 15 powerful posts to bring your brand to the forefront of your social media.

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