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Whether you realize  it or not, popular companies' slogans have been carefully designed by a team of expert designers and marketers. Their goal is to seduce you with their product or services. Think of the pivotal moment in every Mad Men episode when Don Draper comes up with the perfect slogan and is met with silence and awe. Ultimately, these advertising companies want you to convince you to buy their product. Here at Nice we believe in writing tag lines, mantras, slogans, and mission statements that grasp the core of who your company is. One of the key elements of our branding process is to understand how others view your company. We want your company to have its best foot forward in the marketplace. We especially want your company to truly stand out for its unique values and personality. With honesty and integrity as a priority, we focus on the positive elements of your company. On the opposite end of the spectrum, here are some examples of over-the-edge honest slogans. These statements don't necessarily sell the brand in the best way. Though they are funny, they do show you how how consumers may actually see the company instead of how it wants to be seen – whether it’s positive or negative is another thing. We won't write anything like this for your company (except maybe the Google one). Promise. However, we are on our way out right now to buy a bag of Edible Finger Swords and do some design work on our $2000 Facebook machines! bugles slogan youtube comments pepsi no coke linkedin no reason hot pockets temperature google search fed ex broken campbells salt apple facebook adobe acrobat update yellow pages throw away These images are from Clif Dickens Tumblr blog called Honest Slogans. Thank you for allowing us to use these images.